English summary of the inventory of the archives of the Dutch factory in Japan, 1609-1860

Fonds Specifications


Custodial History

6. Publication of documents from the archive.
In the works of van Dam, Valentijn, Montanus, Kaempfer, Nachod, Feenstra Kuiper etc. a great number of documents relating to the Dutch in japan have been printed, the provenance of wich cannot be established with centianty, at least not in the case of the older works mentioned. The editors of the Corpus Diplomaticum Neerlando-Indicum have used copies of documents from the Deshima-archive, which copies repose in other archives and collections. (With one exception: inv.nr. 646). Veenhoven in his thesis edited parts of inv.nrs. 275, 430, 435. 437/8, 533, 548, 542/5 as annexes.
The publication of inv.nrs. 50, 276, 646, 660, 1470, and 1602/3 in mentioned in the notes of the items concerned.
A survey of Japanese activity in this field naturally can be only cursory. N. Murakami edited abstracts of the daily records of the period 1641 june 25 - 1645 november 29 and 1650 october 25 - 1654 october 31 in a Japanese translation; the edition of the 'Japans Dagh Register' by "Nichi-ran Koshoshi Kenkyukai" is mentioned in the list of quoted sources and literature and in a note to the daily records in the present inventory. The monumental series of publications by the Historiographical Institute mentioned above, may contain some Deshima-documents in a Japanese translation. (E.g. the "Dai Nippon Shiryo": Chronological Source-books of Japanese History from the 9th Century to the 19th Century).