Inventaris van het archief van de Nederlandse Factorij in Japan te Hirado [1609-1641] en te Deshima, [1641-1860]1609-1860
Nederlandse Factorij in Japan

Fonds Specifications


Custodial History

5. Entries and expedients for the use of the archive.
In a number of cases, tables of contents ('tafels'), post-books ('agenda's') and indexes ('indices'; 'klappers') are extant in the volumes of resolutions, daily records, letters and reports, wich is mentioned ia a note to the item concerned. Inv. nrs. 356-425 and 503-528 contain lists of incoming and outgoing letters and annexes, often not in accordance with the actual contents of the volumes. Inv. nr. 52 is a loose reportory ('repertorium') with an index ('klapper') on orders from Gentlemen Seventeen and Goverenor-General and Council. Such repertories, pratly proceeding from the Deshima-archive, are to be found in the archive-H.R.B. (Cf. Part F). 1572 contains a very concise and inaccurate summary of the documents presented at Deshima in 1826, with some notes about the volumes then missing. 1938 gives a complete summary of the documents , transferred from Deshima in 1852, wereas inv. nr. 1688 is a detailed inventory of the secret archive.
The article by T. Itazawa includes a name-list of the Opperhoofden, with the dates of the daily records produced during their term in office, covering the period 1631-1860. M. Kanai in his contribution on Donker Curtis not only deals with the transfer of the Deshima archive to the Netherlands but gives also a survey of Dutch archival sources relating to Japan, and of Dutch archival management and institutions.
At the Historiographical Institute (Shiryo Hensan-jo) of the University of Tokyo a series of volumes about historical documents relating to Japan in foreign countries is in the course of production; five volumes wil be dedicated to the documents about Japan, Formosa and China, reposing is the General State Archives. Volume I, part I of these five has appeard already in 1963. This volume contains a detailed survey of the Deshima-archive as far as it was transferred to Batavia in 1852. (1614-1800, with the daily records extending to 1831). The items were mentioned in the order, adopted by Heeres in his ms.-inventory, (Cf. par. 10), with a discriptive list of each item added. The survey is partly in Dutch (caption titles being copied from the documents), partly in English. The portfolio-numbers of 'Heeres' inventory are mentioned also. Therefor to facilitate the use of the present inventory together with the survey, a concordance of inventory-numbers and portfolio-numbers has been given here-after. The former numeration of the docoments from 1843-1860 (inventory by Dr. J. de Hullu) is placed between brackets.