Inventaris van het archief van de Nederlandse Factorij in Japan te Hirado [1609-1641] en te Deshima, [1641-1860]1609-1860
Nederlandse Factorij in Japan

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1. The establishment of the Dutch factory in Japan.
On july 6th, 1609, two ships of the United East Indies Company, "De Griffioen" and "De Rode (vereenigde) Leeuw met pijlen" anchored off Hirado. Among the crews were the Chief merchants Abraham van den Broeck and Nicolaas Puyck and the under-merchant Jaques Specx. They undertook the journey to the Shogunal Court, on wich mission Melchior van Zantvoort acted as an interpreter. The last named came with the Dutch ship "De Liefde" in Japan in 1600, and established himself as a merchant in Nagasaki. The Shogun granted the Dutch the access to all ports in Japan, and confirmed this in an act of safe-conduct , stamped with his red seal. ( In september 1609 the ship's Council decided to hire a house on Hirado island (west of the southern main island Kiushu). Jacques Specx became the first "Opperhoofd" (Chief) of the new Company's factory.