Inventory of the Archives of the Collector of Tithes and Transfer Dues, 1773 - 1844

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One of the most important sources of income of the Cape Colony during the eighteenth and up until the nineteenth century was moneys received from the levying and collecting of one - tenth on all sales of farm produce, the sale of liquor licences and transfer dues received on the sale of properties, by the "Collector of Tithes and Transfer Dues".
This officier had his office in Cape Town while in the districts his functions were performed by the landdrosts and heemraden who periodically submitted detailed reports to him. [1]In Cape Town the market master or broker as he was called, was required to pay a levy of 10 per cent to the Collector on all agricultural produce sold. [2]
The following persons held office as Collector of Tithes and Transfer Dues during the period covered by this archives: C Brand ( - 1815), WJ Klerck (1815 - 1831), [3]J. Carey (1831 - 1834) [4]and R Rogerson (1834 - 1844). [5]In 1831, Carey was appointed Commissioner of Stamps and Collector of Tithes and Transfer Dues. [6]