Inventory of the Archives of the Collector of Tithes and Transfer Dues, 1773 - 1844

Fonds Specifications

Content and Structure

A total of fifty - nine volumes, forming accrual to the original archives group, having to be integrated in the order created, necessitated that the inventory be revised in June 1990. As far as was possible the intersorting of the accrual was accomplished with the least disruption to existing series and volume numbering.
Adhering to the principles of arrangement and description the largest proportion of the accrual, which comprises the series Lists of Tax Received (volumes 41 - 47), Applications Received (volume 48) and Declarations Received ( volumes 49 - 89), were intersorted and described under the main series Papers Received. This procedure entailed the altering of volume numbers in successive series. To facilitate consultation of the archives, references to old volumes numbers in the inventory as well as a separate conversion list have been provided.
The archives is in a good physical condition and comprises 5,70 lin.m.