Inventory of the Archives of the Department of the Attorney - General of the Cape Colony, 1661 - 1923
Dr. J.H. Breytenbach and S.D. Naudé
©1946 - 1947
Cape Town Archives Repository
This inventory is written in English.
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Archives of the Department of the Attorney - General of the Cape Colony
1661 - 1923
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357.60 lin m
Cape Town Archives Repository
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Fiscal (1661 - 1803)
Attorney - General (1803 - 1806)
Fiscal (1806 - 1828)
Attorney - General (1828 - )
The office of the Fiscal was established with the settlement of the colony. The fiscal had to supervise the finances and the administration of justice and was public prosecutor. In the execution of his tasks as fiscal he was subject to the Court of Justice. On the commencement of the Batavian Republic's administration of the Cape in 1803, the office of the Fiscal was abolished and an Attorney - General appointed. After the second British Occupation of the Cape in 1806 the office of Fiscal was re - introduced. In 1828 the judicial system was re - organised and the permanent post of Attorney - General was established. The Attorney - General was the State's public prosecutor in all criminal cases. Subordinates to the department of the Colonial Secretary he acted as lawyer of the state and legal advisor to the various departments.