Inventory of the Archives of the Department of the Attorney - General of the Cape Colony, 1661 - 1923

Fonds Specifications


Custodial History

B. The archives of the Attorney - General
The few archives of the Attorney - General during the Batavian administration which have remained preserved have been placed with the archives of the Fiscal. The archives described as thise of the permanent establishment of the office.
The archives are almost complete, exept for a few volumes, especially pertaining to the early period, which have not remained preserved. Those that have remained preserved give an almost complete picture of the activities of the office.
Prior to 1878 the activities of the Attorney - General were limited and there are therefore fewer archives. After obtaining its independence the office sharply increased its volume of archives annuallly, especially during the period 1899 - 1905 as a result of the Anglo - Boer War. This archives is a valuable source of information concerning this war.
As the Attorney - General's duties comprised noet only judicial but also administrative functions, his office consisted of a judicial and an administrative section.
The administrative section comprises all documents relating to the administration of the office, i.e. all correspondence, received and despatched.
The judicial section comprises the court records, i.e. preliminary examinations, cases, inquests, prison reports, crown prosecutors' reports, etc.