Inventory of the Archives of the Registrar and Guardian of Slaves, 1717 - 1848
P.J. Venter
Cape Town Archives Repository
This inventory is written in English.
Fonds Specifications
Archives of the Registrar and Guardian of Slaves
1717 - 1848
Fonds Code:
23.20 lin m
Cape Town Archives Repository
Record Creator (origination):
Registrar and Guardian of Slaves
By a proclamation dated 26 April 1816 the registration of slaves was made compulsory. A head office for the registration of slaves in the colony managed by an inspector and an assistant inspector was established in Cape Town. Slave registry offices were established in the country districts where the duties were performed by district officials under inspection of the landdrost and under control of the head office in Cape Town. Slave owners were obliged to report births, deaths, etc. of their slaves; sales and exchanges of slaves were to be registered and a register kept of proprietors and the name of their slaves. Slavery was abolished in the Colony in 1834.