Inventory of the Archives of the Registrar and Guardian of Slaves, 1717 - 1848

Description of the Subordinate Components

7   Returns.
Records after 1806 are not listed
List of Government Slaves, Convicts and Invalids and their Stations
1789 and 1802;
Distribution List of Meat supplied to Slave Lodge
October 1803;
Lists of Slaves employed on different works
1762 - 1809;
Alphabetical Return of Slaves belonging to Government
Return of Govenment Slaves, Government Apprentices and Free Blacks residing in Government Slave Hospital
Documents relative to Imported Negro Apprentices registered at Port Louis
1828 July - August;
Certificates (in French) of Imported Slaves registered at Port Louis
1828 - 1832;
Return of the Proprieters of Slaves, Index to the Names of Slave Proprieters at the Cape
31st December 1826;
List of Slave Owners in the District of George
Return of Slaves of different ages
List of persons who have neglected to appear before the Committee and who have Slaves in their possession either proved or suspected to have been smuggled; List of Mosambiek Slaves taken from captured enemy ships and declared to be free on condition that they be apprenticed
Return of Slaves under the administration of the Orphan Chamber still to be manumitted, transferred or cancelled as having died
Various Slave Returns
1811 - 1835