Inventory of the Archives of the Receiver of Land Revenue, 1682 - 1830
Dr. P. Venter
Cape Town Archives Repository
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Fonds Specifications
Archives of the Receiver of Land Revenue
1682 - 1830
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16.45 lin m
Cape Town Archives Repository
Record Creator (origination):
Receiver of Land Revenue
To control hunting in the Cape of Good Hope, licences were issued from the year 1680. With the expansion of the country at the end of the 17th century, grazing licenses were issued and both were registered in the "Oude Wildskutte Boeke". This title was retained when only grazing licenses were entered. Grants to loan farms were also noted in the "Wildskutte" registers. The monies obtained from the licenses for hunting and grazing, the quitrent paid annually for loan farms and buildings, formed the main source of revenue in the country.