Inventory of the Archives of the Receiver of Land Revenue, 1682 - 1830

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Scope and Content
As is evidenced from the inventory, the order of volume numbers does not follow in strict sequence, e.g. volume 146/1 follows directly on volume 39 and volume 148 precedes volume 44/1, etc.
Since the compilation of the original inventory in 1936, a number of volumes, later discovered, were described in an appendage to the inventory.
On revising the inventory an attempt was made to incorporate these latter volumes within appropriate series thus adhering to the basic principles of arranging and describing archives. This procedure subsequently gave rise to the inconsistent order of volume numbers.
An alternative method to rectify the position would have been a total renumbering of the volumes comprising the archives. This method, however, would have proved impracticable, since the entire archives has undergone rebinding.
The oldest documents, including the "Oude Wildskutte Boeke", 1680 - 1686, have not remained preserved.