Inventory of the Returns for Taxation Purposes, 1692 - 1845
M. Potgieter and J.C.Visagie
Cape Town Archives Repository
This inventory is written in English.
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Returns for Taxation Purposes
1692 - 1845
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20.10 lin m
Cape Town Archives Repository
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The earliest reference to the submission of returns of persons and possessions appears in the Journal of 12 October 1672 and concerns free burghers only. The annual returns of the various outlying districts were apparently compiled by the field - cornets of the different wards who subsequently submitted them to the magistrate of the relevant district. He in turn compiled one return for the district from the particulars thus obtained. In general the returns comprise the following particulars: names of men and women; number of boys, girls, men slaves, women slaves, boy slaves, girl slaves, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, vines, leaguers wine, wheat, rye and barley sown and reaped. The returns often include the names of farms, the original signatures of persons and the number of firearms in each individual's possession.