Inventory of the Notarial Archives of the Cape of Good Hope, 1790 - 1879
Johann F. Preller, N.A.
Cape Town Archives Repository
This inventory is written in English.
Fonds Specifications
Notarial Archives of the Cape of Good Hope
1790 - 1879
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208,60 lin m
Cape Town Archives Repository
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Notaries at Cape Town
Notarial deeds were initially drawn up by the secretaries of the Council of Policy and the Court of Justice. Initially in 1793 only two notarial practices were permitted in Cape Town, but the number of notaries increased in the 19th century. A notary was required to keep a protocol and register of all deeds drawn up by him. On ceasing to practice or on his death, the notary or executors of his estate handed his protocols and register to the Secretary of the Court of Justice for safe - keeping