Inventory of the Archives of the Lombard Bank, 1793 - 1843
Dr. J.H. Breytenbach
Cape Town Archives Repository
This inventory is written in English.
Fonds Specifications
Archives of the Lombard Bank
1793 - 1843
Fonds Code:
6.50 lin m
Cape Town Archives Repository
Record Creator (origination):
Lombard Bank
Discount Bank
Savings Bank
Minutes, decisions and instructions, papers received and dispatched, and financial papers of the Lombard Bank, established in 1793. The administration of the bank was managed by three commissioners, a cashier and a bookkeeper. The commissioners were in charge of the general management of the bank, which included superintending loans, mortgages and depositing money. The bookkeeper was responsible for the safety of valuables, which were deposited as security for loans, while the cashier was in charge of petty cash.