Inventory of the Archives of the Secretary, Burgher Council, 1695 - 1803
J.C. Visagie
Cape Town Archives Repository
This inventory is written inEnglish.
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Archives of the Secretary, Burgher Council
1695 - 1803
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1.70 lin. m
Cape Town Archives Repository
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Burgher Council
The Burgher Council, with free burghers as members, had right to representation in the Court of Justice, the Orphan Chamber and Commissioners of Civil and Matrimonial Cases. Subject to the approval of the Council of Policy, the Burgher Council had control of the meat prices, was responsible for financing repairs to bridges in the town, milling of wheat, control of bakers and Town Guards in the town, and obtaining monetary contributions for campaigns against the Khoisan. To fulfil its functions the Burgher Council was entitled to raise certain taxes, only applicable to burghers in the Cape District.