Inventory of the Archives of the Secretary, Burgher Council, 1695 - 1803

Fonds Specifications


Custodial History
Despite the differing functions of the Burgher Council during the period 1785 - 1795, the archives continued to grow unhindered until 1803 when, with the establishment of the Burgher Senate, the Council ceased to exist.
With the exeption of volume BRD 16 no original finding aids in the form of registers or indexes have remained preserved. The inventory shows the incompleteness of the archives.
Various volumes and documents of the Burgher Council which formerly were placed in the amalgamated archives of the Burgher Senate (comprising the Burgher Council and 'Raad der Gemeente') have been arranged separately. The old volume numbers mentioned in the inventory, refer to the numbers allocated in the provisional list in which stroke numbers and the reference letters CTM and BS were used.
The generally accepted order of the various series in the archives has been used. Financial matters of the Burgher Council were always the responsibility of a specially elected member; and have therefore been arranged under the heading 'Treasurer'. Although the slave hospital was under the control of the Burgher Council, the hospital's financial documents were kept separately and therefore not placed under the heading 'Treasurer'. The same applies to the cash book of the meat market ('vleeshal')