Inventory of the Archives of the Secretary, Burgher Council, 1695 - 1803

Description of the Subordinate Components

Poll - tax, Valuation, Tax and Burgher Rolls
Lists of Burghers and Company officials in the Cape District, indicating the amount of money, slaves and wagons they had to place at the disposal of the Company for the completion of the Square in front of the Castle.
1762 Jul. - 1763 Apr.
List of Burghers in the Cape District showing their contributions toward building of a new road between Cape Town and Rondebosch.
1773 Sept.
List of calculations of personal taxes.
Formerly known as "leeu en tiergeld". This tax was instituted to create a fund from which payments were made to persons for the extermination of predators.
Returns of Burghers and Company officials, including lists of widows, Cape District.
1787 - 1795
Deceased persons or persons who had moved to other districts are also listed.
Rolls of Burghers detachments, reserve forces, night guards and persons indisposed to perform military service.
1787 - 1795
Includes a list of officers indicating rank and date of appointment; lists of fire wardens; signallers at the different signal cannon points; lists of "chirurgyns Majoors, Burgher constables and fire wardens for the inspection of chimneys.
Burgher attestations.
1787 - 1800
Returns of Wardmasters
1793 - 1799
List of calculations of normal and extraordinary personal and homestead taxes levied from Burghers, Company officials and widows.
List of calculations of personal taxes levied from specific persons; List of persons and their servants.
List of calculations of personal taxes levied on the Volunteer Corps, Free Blacks and their widows; List of Burghers, retired company officials and widows in arrear with payments of personal, homestead and street taxes.
29 - 30
Burgher roll; Burgher widows; Persons living in outlying districts, but who perform military service in the Cape District and/or are in possession of homes and warehouses in Cape Town; Retired Compagny officials and other persons; Widows of retired Company officials; List of calculations of personal taxes levied from specific persons; List of calculations of personal taxes levied from the Volunteer Corps, Free Black and their widows.
1800, 1802
List of persons with arrear tax payments; Accounts of arrear taxes collected by the attorney.
1802 Nov.
Accounts and Receipts.
1775 Jan. - 1803 Feb.