Inventory of the Archives of the Secretary, Burgher Council, 1695 - 1803

Description of the Subordinate Components

Diverse Papers
Extracts and copies of the minutes of the Council of Policy and copies of letters from the Burgher Council to the Council of Policy.
1711 - 1793 and 1803
Declaration of Burgher Council members and 'Heemrade' repetition of Burghers; Admission of guilt by E. ten Bosch.
1779 May - 1803 Jan.
List of amounts of wheat, flour and provisions found at bakers; Quantity of flour delivered to bakers.
Financial statements handed to Commissioners of the Court of Justice after wheat sales.
1793 Dec. - 1794 Jan.
Instructions to Commissioners of the Court of Justice and division of Cape Town into wards.
1792 - 1793
Reports to Commissioners of the Court of Justice on wheat storehouses.
1793 - 1796
Extracts from the Resolutions of the Burgher Military Council and Burgher Council.
1795 Feb. - 1798 Dec.
Cash Account; road repairs.
1800 Apr. - 1801 Mar.
Declarations of Anna Maria Elisabeth Deysel (wife of J. Strydom) and Frans Willem Modeman.