Inventory of the Archives of the Treasury of the Cape Colony, 1794 - 1923
J.H. Snyman, B.A. assistant
Cape Town Archives Repository
This inventory is written in English .
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Archives of the Treasury of the Cape Colony
1794 - 1923
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122. 40 lin m
Cape Town Archives Repository
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Treasury of the Cape Colony
Under the Dutch East India Company the financial affairs of the Cape were transacted in the office of the Secretary to the Council of Policy, and it was only during the first British Occupation that an independent office for the collecting and spending of public revenue was established, known as the Receiver - General. Under the government of the Batavian Republic the office of the Receiver - General remained in existence. All accounts due by the government were paid by the Receiver - General, he also saw to exchange of old and defaced paper money. Accounts and receipts were audited by the Auditor of Accounts.