Inventory of the Archives of the Magistrate of Swellendam, 1743 -

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Biographical History

Deputy Landdrost, Caledon
With the revision of the district boundaries of Swellendam and Stellenbosch and the secession of the George district in 1811, the area to the east of the Hottentots - Holland mountains was added to Swellendam. A sub - drostdy under J.H. Frouenfelder with the seat of magistracy at the Swartberg Bath was established in the new area. [1]
Like the deputy landdrost of Clanwilliam, in the Tulbagh district, Frouenfelder received his instructions from the landdrost of his main district and reported to him or, where necessary, to the Colonial Secretary. He was assisted by a clerk, a messenger, a constable and two justice officials while personally acting as vendu master of the sub - district. [2]
In December 1813 the sub - district was named after the former governor Lord Caledon. [3]
In October 1822 the sub - district was abolished as a measure of economy, and placed under the supervision of a Special Heemraad, assisted by a clerk, a messenger, deputy sheriff, two constables and two justice officials. [4]With the revision of the judicial system in 1827 the position of Special Heemraad was abolished and the duties transferred to the Justice of the Peace. [5]
In 1839 Caledon became an independent district with its own resident Magistrate. [6]