Inventory of the Archives of the Secretary , Lodge De Goede Hoop, Cape Town, 1772 - 1963

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The series 'Minutes of the Board of Management', August 1799 - May 1963 constitutes an important series. (Volumes 1/1/1/1 - 1/1/1/30). Minutes prior to August 1799 and for the various missing periods within the series could not be traced. 'Draft Minutes', October 1879 - July 1885 (Volumes 1/1/2/2 - 1/1/2/4) can be consulted as an alternative source for one of the missing periods within the series 'Minutes'.
The 'Annexures to Minutes' February 1803 - December 1899 contain the papers received by the Secretary of the Lodge. (Volumes 1/1/5/1 - 1/1/5/29). The series is fairly complete except for annexures prior to February 1803 and for a few other periods for which no annexures could be located.
From January 1900 the series 'Annexures to Minutes' was succeeded by a separate series of 'Letters Received' which covers the period January 1900 - July 1913. (Volumes 2/1/1/1 - 2/1/1/8).
A parallel series 'Letters Despatched' commences in March 1872 and runs in sequence until November 1917. (Volumes 3/1/1 - 3/1/8). Lacunae occur within the series for the periods August 1873 - September 1877, January 1901 - June 1904 and September 1910 - April 1915.
From the archives it is evident that in 1914 a beginning was made to combine the separate series 'letters Received' and 'Letters Despatched' in a series of 'General Correspondence'. ( Volumes 4/1/1 - 4/1/8).
The 'Main Cash Books', although none prior to 1794 seem to have been preserved, are of the oldest of the documents deposited in the Cape Archives Depot and supply information on the Lodge's financial transactions from 1794 to 1897. (Volumes 7/1/1/1 - 7/1/1/9).
The archives of the various committees, funds and societies of the Lodge have been arranged and described from the main body of the archives which follows the original filing of such archives by the Lodge authorities prior to depositing in the Cape Archives Depot.
The archives of the Education Fund is by far the most complete. Although the Fund was commenced in 1813, the 'Minutes' begin only in January 1848, earlier minutes not having been traced. (Volume A1/1/1). The series 'Letters Received', however, dates from the commencement of the fund, July 1913 and continues until July 1907. (Volumes A2/1/1 - A2/1/3)
The arrangement and description of accrual to the archives necessitated the alteration of volume numbers. In all such instances, the old volume numbers have been mentioned alongside the revised numbers throughout the inventory
On the whole, the archives is in a fairly good state of preservation, but a number of individual volumes have been badly damaged by water, making the writing in such volumes almost illegible.