Provisional Inventory of the Archives of the VOC Establishments Malabar, Coromandel, Surat and Bengal and Legal Successors (so - called "Dutch Records") (1647 - ) 1664 - 1825 ( - 1852)

Fonds specifications


Custodial history

The VOC archives in the Tamil Nadu Archives, Chennai
The papers kept at the Tamil Nadu Archives referred to as the "Dutch Records" in fact comprise the remnants of the archives of four factories, which all functioned as the headquarters of a kantoor (regional establishment): Cochin (Malabar), Nagapatnam / Pulicat (Coromandel), Surat (Surat) and Chinsura (Bengal). The four archives have different custodial histories and were apparently put together just because they were all created by VOC institutions and their legal successors. These records seem to comprise all that remains of the archives that were left by the Dutch in India to be taken over by the British. Together they consist of about 1800 volumes and bundles (inv. nos. 1 - 1763), stretch 64 metres and date from the period 1643 - 1852. A large part of the original archives has got lost in the course of time.