Provisional Inventory of the Archives of the VOC Establishments Malabar, Coromandel, Surat and Bengal and Legal Successors (so - called "Dutch Records") (1647 - ) 1664 - 1825 ( - 1852)

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Content and Structure

Compilation of this inventory
This inventory aims at a reconstruction of the original arrangement of the archives. The present version of the inventory is provisional in the sense that as yet this has been done only tentatively and partially. A definitive version will only be compiled after all 1763 individual records have been thoroughly examined and properly described. In the present, provisional inventory, the identification of the individual records has been based on the existent surveys (see the section on the various archives) and on a fysical assessment of each inv. no. (carried out in 2000 - 2001). The latter principally concerns the original captions on the covers as far as these are still present.
The reconstruction of the archives as given in this provisional inventory has been based as much as possible on their initial arrangement. As yet, however, only the original structure of the Cochin records is relatively clear because an inventory of these materials dating from 1795 has been published (see the introduction to the Cochin archives). Therefore, the records from Nagapatnam / Pulicat, Surat and Bengal could not yet be rearranged (with the exception of materials classified as documentation). With regard to the Cochin materials, those records of which the contents are quite clear have been divided into series that either are mentioned in the published inventory of 1795 or are obvious by themselves (chiefly papers deriving from or concerning the orphan board). The order of the separate series as given in the inventory of 1795 has been somewhat adapted to modern - day archival standards.
This provisional and partial rearrangement leaves a substantial part of the Dutch records still classified as "miscellaneous" or "unordered papers". For the time being, one should consult the existent lists and catalogues for the contents of these inv. nos. In addition, the present inventory gives the original captions on the covers (as far as these remain) of the records in question.