List of Volumes of Dutch Records Preserved in the Madras Record Office and Supplementary Catalogue of Dutch Records
©1916, 1952
Madras Record Office
This inventory is written in English.
Fonds Specifications
Dutch Records
1643 - 1852
Fonds Code:
64 lin m
Tamil Nadu Archives
Record Creator (origination):
VOC Establishment Malabar and legal successors;
VOC Establishment Coromandel and legal successors;
VOC Establishment Surat and legal successors;
VOC Establishment Bengal and legal successors
The records comprise the remnants of the administration of the VOC factories in Cochin, Nagapatnam/Pulicat, Surat and Chinsura/Hooghly, headquarters of the establishments of Malabar, Coromandel, Surat and Bengal respectively, and their legal successors. They cover the period 1643 - 1852. The archives of Cochin are relatively complete and include the records of the orphan chamber. With regard to Surat and Chinsura/Hooghly, only fragments of the administration have survived. Hardly anything remains of the records of Nagapatnam/Pulicat.