Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.



   The Maldive Islands.

Outward. 1744- 1784.
In no. 3320 under "drafts of letters to Kandy" there is a draft of a letter from governor Laurens Pijl to the Sultan of the Madives Kuda Muhammad, in Dutch and in Maldivian dated 1688 December 4 (Journal R.A.S., C.B., 1932, no. 85, p. 238) 1712 -1735. Drafts of letters to the Maldive Islands, instructions to ambasadors, and lists of presents to the Sultan are bound up with no. 2151.
With lists of present sent by the Governor to the Sultan.
1744 January 13 - 1784 December 30.
There is a pencil note by the late Mr. H.C.P. Bell on the front page of this volume which reads as follows: "These letters (incomplete) were found loose and in bad condition when the Dutch Record Office was cleared up by me on behalf of Mr. J.A. Swettenham, Assistent to the Colonial Secretary. I have had them bound".