Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.


General instructions for Company's officers and instruction books 1661 - 1795
"Consideratiën over het eilandt Ceylon en de onderhoorige comptoiren 't samengesteld na de ordre van de Edele Heeren Gouverneur Generael ende Raaden van India by forma van instructie voor den Gouverneur en Directeur van hetselve eylandt om hem in het besturen der zaaken tot nader approbatie van bovengemelde Heer Edele van te dienen en te letten ", being Instructions for Company's officers in Ceylon issued by Rijckloff van Goens snr., on the orders of the Governor- General and the Council of India, and some further instructions for the "commandeur" of Jaffna. Copies.
1661 June 21; 1663.
Translation published by Sophia Pieters, Colombo, 1908. A modern copy in the Colombo Museum no. 6c9, 1 - 2. For notes on the "consideraties", vide J. van Kan, Rechtsgeschiedenis II, pp. 75 et ff., and the introduction, pp.p. 6 et. ff.
Collection of general instructions
1660 – 1691
Rendered undecipherable and almost useless through corrosion and faulty repairs. Added from Appendix II. Addenda (1973).
Same as no. 2451.Copy.
Damaged by corrosion. Badly bound. Papers missing.
Instructions for various Company's officers issued by various governors of Ceylon.
1665 - 1744.
Papers missing.
Instructions and rules on various subjects issued in Batavia and Colombo. Chiefly copies.
1668 - 1792.
Although many of the documents in this file deal with matters regarding the church and the diaconate, there is no proof that it belonged to the archives of either the dessave or the diaconate.
Instructions for various Company's officials at Batavia, issued by the "Heeren XVII" at Amsterdam and in Batavia; with three extracts of letters from the "Hooge Commissaris" Hendrik Adriaan, baron van Reede tot Drakesteyn, to governor Laurens Pit at Negapatam. Copies.
1689 - 1693.
Instruction for the Colombo dessave by governor Simons.
1707 January 28.Copy.
Cf. Valentijn p. 311.
Papers missing.
An old numbering indicates that this file was once part of a bigger file. For an earlier extract see no. 2790.
Drafts of instructions by governor Stein van Gollenesse.
1743 December 7 - 1747 February.
Papers missing.
Instructions by governor Stein van Gollenesse.With annexes.
1744 - 1745.
Instructions and orders issued by various governors.
1748 - 1752.
Papers missing, badly bound.
Contains also some instructions of 1753. Some instructions are of a very general nature and belong to the previous series. The Governor's sanctions of sentences passed by the court of justice have been entered in this file.
Draft instructions by governor Falck for the chiefs in various outstations.
1767 April and May.
5 documents.
Drafts of instructions and notifications issued by the Governor to various persons.
1773 June 4 - 1785 December 8.
Some of the instructions in this file are of a more general character.
Damaged by damp. Papers missing.
Drafts of instructions issued at Colombo.
1781 November 26 - 1794 July 10.
Some of the documents bear endorsements showing that they were brought up before the Council.
Draft instructions for the dessave of Jaffna by governor Falck.
1784 September 2.
Drafts of instructions issued by governor van Angelbeek.
1795 February 19 - 1796 January 25.