Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.


Instructions issued on special occasions. 1664 - 1796.
Memoir left by the "commandeur" of Jaffna, Hendrik Zwaardecroon during his absence on leave in Malabar for the council and for the Jaffna dessave Rijklof de Bitter. With copies of marginal notes by governor Gerrit de Heere.
1697 March - August.Copy.
Translation by Sophia Pieters, Colombo 1911.
Damaged by corrosion
Same as no. 2469.
Instructions for the "hoofdadministrateur" Adriaan Maten and other members of the Council, issued by governor Stephanus Versluys during his absence on visits to Jaffna, Tuticorin and Galle.
1730 January 28.
4 documents.
1731 January 30.
4 documents.
1731 July 2.
4 documents.
1732 January 31.
4 documents.
Instructions of governor van Imhoff for the guidance of the "hoofdadministrateur" Abraham Dormieux and the Council during his absence at Galle.
1737 March 6.
2 documents.
1739 January 25.
2 documents.
Damaged by corrosion. Badly bound.
Instructions by governor van Imhoff to the Council during his absence in Jaffna.
1738 May 5.
Instruction left by the "commandeur" of Galle, Gerrard Joan Vreelandt, for guidance of the council during his absence in Colombo.
1750 March 30. Copy.
Instructions left by governor Jan Schreuder for the Council during his absence in the Outstations.
1758 November 10.
3 documents.
1759 July 4.
3 documents.
1760 June 9.
3 documents.
Papers missing.
Memoir of instructions by governor Falck for the guidance of the Council during his absence on tour.
1766 November 14.
Damaged by damp. Badly bound. These instructions are entered in the council minutes of 1766 November 14, no. 150.
Memoir left by the governor van de Graaff for the guidance of the Council during his absence in Trincomalee.
1786 September [21].
Bound up with correspondence between the Governor and the Council, which belongs to this file.
Instructions by the governor-generaal Joan Maetsuycker and the Council of India for Rijckloff van Goens snr., on his appointment as commissioner to the Malabar Coast and as governor and "directeur" of the island of Ceylon.
1664 September 5.
Instruction by the superintendent Rijckloff van Goens and the Council to Rijckloff van Goens jnr., on the latter's visit to Malabar and Cochin.
1675 February 6.
Damaged. Papers missing.
Instructions by governor Hendrik Becker for the chief Jan Bierens and the council of the Madura Coast.
1710 October 2.
Instruction by governor Rumpf to the Matara dessave Aarnout van der Cruys, concerning the transfer of certain malapalu and ratmahera lands to the unallocated lascarin roll. Copy.
1719 October 23.
Lands reverted to the Crown.
Waste land, to which no private title can be shown.