Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.

Reports and other documents relating to the Government of the country. 1680 - 1795.
Memorandum regarding the management of the island of Ceylon, submitted by the late governor of Ceylon Rijckloff van Goens jnr. to the governor-general Rijckloff van Goens snr. at Batavia. Copy.
1680 February 25.
Strictly not a report. The late Governor had intended it to serve as an amplification of his memoir for his successor, no. 2674.
Reports from all parts of the Island on various subjects sent to governor Pijl and the Council at Colombo at the request of the government of Batavia of 2 October 1680. Some with marginal notes by the Governor in Council. Original.
Papers missing. Damaged by corrosion.
Copy of no. 2776.
Detailed description of affairs in the districts of Batticaloa and Trincomalee. Copy.
1687 April 20.
Damaged by corrosion. Papers missing.
General report on the state of the Jaffna "commandement" by the "commandeur" Floris Blom to governor Pijl. Copy.
1690 December 21.
Damaged by corrosion.
This report was compiled to enable the Governor to draw up his annual report to Batavia. Cf. the series "compendia", p. 151.
Report on his visit to Matara by the "commandeur" of Galle Carel Bolner to governor Thomas van Rhee. Witli a diary from
1696 April 16 to June 5. 1696 June 23.
Reports on the various parts of the Colombo dessavony and their condition by the dessave Pieter Christiaan Bolscho. With an index.
1705 - 1707.
Papers missing. Badly bound.
The reports are dated 1705 July 12, [July 21], September 23, December 23, 1707 January 6, 24, 31, February 10, March 12, August 31.
Report by the dessave at Matara Abraham Dormieux to the "commandeur" of Galle Joan Macaré, regarding his work in the Girreway pattuwa of the Dolosdas korale, with copies of marginal notes by governor van Domburg. With annexes.
1735 January 9.
Suggestions by governor van Imhoff to "commandeur" Daniel Agreen and the council at Jaffna regarding the management of the Jaffna "commandement", with the marginal replies of the "commandeur" in council. Copy, but the marginal notes are originals.
1738 August 21.
Damaged by corrosion.
Minutes of the Governor in Council dated , being the general reflections by governor van Imhoff on the management of the Island before his departure for Batavia, with the original marginal notes by the Governor-General and the Council at Batavia dated July 14, 15, 18, and 19. and August 11 and 12. Original.
22 - 26 February 1740
The council minutes are in no. 78.
Copy of no. 2784.
Circuit diary of the dessave of Matara Gerardus Kersse. Copy.
1741 April 27 - May 13.
Damaged by damp.
Copy of a report on the state of affairs in the Matara dessavony by the newly-appointed lieutenant dessave Fedder, dated , with original marginal decisions by governor Stein van Gollenesse dated
1745 December 22
1746 February 6.
The report was approved by the Council on 1746 February 8, in no. 98.
Diary kept by the "opperhoofd" of the Madura coast Johannes Ferdinandus Crijtsman during a circuit to the stations in South India, Ponnecail, Manapar and Cape Comorin.
1750 June 20 - July 22.
Papers missing.
Report, in the form of a diary during his inspection of the Colombo dessavony, by the Colombo dessave Schuttrup, submitted to governor Loten. With annexes. Copy.
1752 December 7.
Damaged. Badly bound. Papers missing.
Extracts of documents regarding the Colombo dessavony, composed circa
Papers missing.
The extracts are:
1. the instructions for the Colombo dessave, dd. 1707 January 20 (it appears in full in no. 2456, which, however, is a later copy),
2. the reflections on the Colombo dessavony by governor Simons dd. 1707 January 28 (printed Valentijn V, p. 311),
3. reports on the Colombo dessavony by dessave P. C. Bolscho, dd. 1707 January 6, February 10, March 12, November 7(almost complete in no. 2781).
Report, in the form of a diary, by the "opperhoofd" of Batticaloa Adrianus Johannes Francke, on his circuit through his district during March and April. With annexes.
1767 April 15.
Diary kept by the chief of Trincomalee Jacques Fabrice van Senden during his inspection of Koddiyar, Tam- palagam and Kaddukulampattu. Copy.
1786 May 15 - June 21.
Contains a loose cover, on which is written "Taken from the book of appendices to the compendium 1788/89" [1]. A translation of this diary was published in the Ceylon Government Gazette of 1834 October 1 and a copy sent to the Governor in 1837 (signed by G. Lee [2]).
Reports on some special features of the general administration by the "commandeur" and the council at Jaffna to governor van de Graaff.
1786 September 21.
Report, in the form of a letter, by the "commandeur" of Galle C.D. Krayenhoff to governor Falck, regarding the management of the district Diviture. With annexes.
1789 January 12.
Damaged by damp.
The other papers relating to Diviture appear to have been removed by a Mr. Guy on 1812 January 25 [3]An extensive treatise on the Colombo dessavony and its management in 1793 appears under "memoirs", no. 2709.
Comments by the Jaffna dessave Martinus Mekern on the report furnished by the commissioners Thomas Nagel, Carl Fredrik Ebell. Theodorus Williamsz and Anthony Mooyaart, appointed to make investigation regarding the improvement of the Jaffna finances by requiring a larger number of castes to pay head taxes on an order of the Jaffna Council.
Copies in full with the report itself appear in the council minutes of 1795 June 19 in no. 231.
Remarks by governor van Angelbeek on the statements of the commissioners appointed to report on the question of the improvement of the finances in Jaffna and on the comments on the subject by the Jaffna dessave Mekern to the Governor.
1795 June 18.
See of no. 2795.