Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.

Reports and other documents relating to agriculture and land- settlement, and to irrigation.
"Oorkonde" by the members of the court of justice at Colombo Edmond van Sterrevelt and Joan Fauconnier regarding a field near Pas Naklegam.
1678 February 8.
Reports to governor Pijl by the special commissioners regarding the settlement of land in the Colombo dessavony. Four reports with annexes.
1686 - 1691.
1. Report on the complaints of the inhabitants of the Kalutara district by the dessave Floris Blom and the commissioners captain Adam Slecht and Gregorius da Costa. With 2 annexes. 1686 August 21.The annexes have marginal notes on the decisions.
2. Report on the complaints about the alienation of the paraveni [1] and the badawedilla [2] by the inhabitants of the district between Pas Naklegam and the "Pannebakkery", by the Colombo dessave Floris Blom and the commissioners Adam Slecht and Carel Bolner, on a special order of the high commissioner Hendrik Adriaan van Reede. With annexes. 1686 October 13.
3. Proposals regarding land settlement in connection with report no. 1 above, by the dessave Floris Blom to the high commissioner van Reede in Negapatam; with the decisions of the High Commissioner thereon. 1687 November 23.The document signed by Floris Blom is dated Negapatam 1687 September 22, and has been signed by the full Council. The apostille of the High Commissioner is a certified copy.
4. Report by the commissioners Carel Bolner and Adam Slecht on the land settlement of the district between "Pas Naklegam" and the big mango tree on the way to Ambattele, resulting from the reports at nos. 1 and 2 above, with marginal decisions of the Council of May 5. 1691 April 28.
Copy of no. 2798.
Papers missing.
The document no. 1 in no. 2798 above is missing in this volume. Contains also an extract from the council minutes of 1691 March 8.
Various documents on land matters in the Jaffna, peninsula.
1697 and 1698.
These documents were presumably collected during the tour of governor de Heere in the Jaffna peninsula.
1. Report by the commissioners Toorzee, Isaacqz, Bolscho and Schouten appointed to examine the work of the native surveyors for the new Jaffna tombo, submitted to the Governor. With amplification and plans. 1698 August 9 and 18 respectively.
2. Passport by the Governor for a "chaloup " owned by a subject of the king of Kandy. Sealed. 1697 February 28.
3. Documents regarding the goods left by the Brahman Timmersa. 1607.
4. List of allotments of land sold from the tank Kachchay when governor de Heere was in Nallur on 1693 September 3, and a register of the deeds handed over to the new owners on the following day.
Report by the special commissioners Joannes Stafforts, Abraham Emans and Don Diogo on the coconut gardens which had been cultivated on the Company's soil in Matara with or without the Company's consent. With annexed rolls. Original.
1700 August 16.
Copy of no. 2801.
Damaged. Papers missing.
Report by the special commissioners Emans, van Gent, Brengman and van der Brugghen on the allotment of land situated in Nirveli, Chirupiddi and Valalai in the "commandement" of Jaffna. With annexed deeds.
1715 March 7.
Diary of the special commissioners Daniel Overbeek, Gerardus Kersse and Noel Anthony Lebeck, who were appointed for the farming out of lands in the Matara dessavony.
1739 September 5 - 25.
Papers missing. Damaged.
The diary is a record of the proceedings of their sessions. It was discussed in the Council on 1739 October 26, no. 77.
Extract from the roll of the "landraad " at Gale of , relating to the compilation of the tombo and the register of paraveni, with the marginal decisions of the Governor thereon dated 1746 February 5.
1745 December 20
The approval of the Council in Colombo was on 1746 February 8, no. 98.
Statement showing the condition of the pepper cultivation in the Galle korale and in the Matara dessavony, compiled for governor Stein van Gollenesse by Johannes Theodorus Strehl.
1750 September 30.
Contains also a list of "sapan-boomen" [3].
Report of the commissioners appointed to inquire into the unlicensed chena cultivation in the Galle korale, with connected papers.
1757 December 3.
High jungle land cultivated at intervals.
Damaged by damp. Papers missing.
Reports of the "commissarissen van den areek" to the Governor.
1776 - 1780.
Damaged by damp.
Reports from the dessave and landraad at Matara to governor Falck regarding the illegitimate planting of cinnamon in the Matara dessavony, submitted in reply to the order of the Governor of 1777 November 22. With annexes.
1777 - 1778.
In no. 1550.
2810 - 2816
Documents sent to the government in .
Many of the undermentioned documents were sent to the government by Mrs. C.R. Nagel on 9th May 1838, as the result of a government circular of 10th April of that year, issued with a view to recovering Dutch documents in the possession of private individuals [4].
Extracts from documents on irrigation works in the Northern province.
1739 - 1841.
Damaged by damp.
These extracts are partly from diaries of governor van Imhoff to the Eastern and Northern provinces, the originals of which seem to have been lost.
Extracts from correspondence regarding the construction of the waterworks at Mantai and the Giant's tank.
1739 - 1741.
Reports submitted to the Governor on the progress of the earth-cutting operations at Gangodawila.
1745 March - 1747 February.
This scheme apparently originated with governor van Imhoff [5]. It was discussed in Council on 1743 June 24, 1745 July 19 and 29. The reports are by J.D. Kerkhoven, C.P. Keller and Mauritz Schols.
Reports on the restoration of Giant's tank and Mantai.
1790 - 1792.
The reports are by P. Foenander, J. Wahlberg and Thomas Nagel.
Lists of tanks which have been repaired from 1790 - 1794 according to reports by provincial Mudaliyars.
Without a date.
Register of the landowners in the various districts of the Vanni, showing their respective liabilities in the matter of repairs to tanks.
End of the 18th century.
Damaged. Papers missing.
Some drawings relating to tanks.
End of 18th century.