Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.

Rolls, lists and connected documents relating to the status, the possessions and the taxation of the inhabitants. 1714 - 1791.
Reports submitted by the dessave of Matara Jeremias van Vliet to governor Becker, relating to the survey and description of the lands possessed by the Chalias in the Matara dessavony. With rolls.
1714 July 18.
Chalia is a Sinhalese caste. The Mahabadda (cinnamon department) was formed from this caste.
Badly bound.
List of headman and their lascarins: compiled in Colombo on the orders of Governor Hendrick Becker. Certified copy, certified by Ts. Thivart,
1709 May 25
Bound up with no. 6107. Added from Appendix II. Addenda (1973).
Almost similar to no. 2817.
Badly bound. Papers missing.
Translations of Sinhalese rolls of the inhabitants in the various korales and pattuwas of the Colombo dessavony, and the services performed by them.
2 files.
Badly bound. Papers missing.
No. 2820 Badly bound.
Return of lands (both taxable and free) possessed as gifts from various governors, "commandeurs" and dessaves at Colombo, Jaffna and Galle.
1744 June.
List of the native headmen, the lascarins serving under them, and the accommodessans assigned to each.
Land granted by Government in consideration of offices held or services rendered.
Lists of all the families who have to perform services in the Colombo dessavony. With a register.
Badly bound.
List of land outside the fort of Trincomalee belonging to European and other inhabitants, with a register of the owners and the nature of their title to the land; submitted to the chief of Trincomalee Jacobus Bouman by R. d' Jong, G. Lemming and A. Zourapatti.
1748 October 28.
Roll of the mayorals in the korales and pattuwas of the Matara dessavony (except the Girreway pattuwa), showing their holdings and their prescribed services. Certified copy.
1749 June 20.
Roll of the mayorals of the villages under the resthouses of the Girreway pattuwa in the Matara district showing their holdings and their prescribed services.
Fading. Papers missing.
Register of accommodessans between "Pas Naklegam" and the "Pannebakkery ".
Circa 1750.
Papers missing.
Parts of a roll of Sinhalese families in the villages of the Matara district. Origin unknown.
Circa 1750.
Damaged. Papers missing.
Part of a list of ratmahera lands given out to the inhabitants for cultivation on payment of otu once in three years.
Circa 1756.
A tithe of produce.
Papers missing.
Roll of the rents of the Company's rights in the Colombo dessavony during the Yala season.
Rolls of inhabitants belonging to certain Sinhalese castes in the districts of Galle and Matara.
1758 August 18 - 1759 February 19.
The lists from Galle are translations signed by the first sworn clerk of that place; those from Matara are copies of translations certified by the first sworn clerk at Galle.
Returns and statements submitted by the "sabandaar" to the Governor regarding arrears of the Company's farm rents.
1765 - 1770.
Badly bound.
The commissioners appointed to report on this were C.D. Krayenhoff, H. Stork and J.C. Herscher.
Special protocols of grants of ratmahera lands in the Matara district. Copies.
1766 - 1768.
Surveys by Alexander Johannes Dalhoff of allotments in Mutturajawila, some of which were given out by governor Falck as grants under the Company's seal. With plans.
1768 May.
Contains one document which does not belong to this file.
Rolls of the coconut gardens in the Colombo dessavony, showing their oil-producing capacity. Certified copies
Certified by the "tombohouder" Adriaan van Dort at Hulftsdorp 1773 April 15.
Surveys by G. van Statenberg of the Company's oil gardens in the Matara district. With plans.
1776 July 16.
Summaries compiled from the ola reports on the chena lands required for clearing in the Galle and Matara districts. .
1777 - 1782
Damaged. Papers missing.
Many of the lists are certified by the sworn clerk Martheze at Galle.
Protocol of grants of ratmahera lands in the Matara district. Copy.
1784 April 20 - 1789 December 9.
Documents relating to gifts of rank and land to Ceylonese, chiefly in the Colombo dessavony.
18th century.
Probably collected together from files belonging to other departments. Some of them contain a note to the effect that they have been "booked" [in the tombo].
They are not arranged chronologically. One document of 1799 is an addition of British times.
Translation of a register of arrears of paddy taxes of the Panadure district, compiled by the vibadda vidane of Panadure, Hendrik Pieris. 4 pages only.
1791 January 30.
Register of garden taxes payable by the inhabitants of the Kalutara district.
Late 18th century.