Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.

Documents relating to complaints against Company's officers in function. 1664 - 1794.
Minutes of the meetings of the Council of the superintendent Rijckloff van Goens at Cochin regarding the conduct of the "predikant" Anthonius Scherius. 2 documents.
1664 December 24 and 28.
The documents were kept separately by the Dutch administration.
Complaints made by "commandeur" Adriaan Roothaas and the council at Galle to the superintendent and governor Rijckloff van Goens, against the "predikant" A. Scherius.
1669 July 10.
1 document.
The "predikant" Scherius was appointed to Ceylon on his removal from Cochin.
Proceedings of a secret conference held at Galle between the superintendent and governor Rijckloff van Goens snr. and the "predikanten" Bartholomeus Heynen and Lourentius Hemlingh, regarding the case of the "predikant" A. Scherius. 1 document.
1669 July 14.
This conference was held in the presence of the "koopman" François Montanier and the first sworn clerk Willem van der Moolen, and the minutes are attested by the latter.
Council minutes relating to the case of the "predikant" A. Scherius.
1669 August 8.
1 document.
Badly bound.
The secret council minutes of 1669 August 28, in no. 738, deal with this case in full.
Draft letter from the superintendent and governor Rijckloff van Goens and the Council to the directors of the V.O.C. in Amsterdam, regarding the "predikant" A. Scherius. With annexe. 2 documents.
1669 October 14.
The annexe is a letter from the consistory at Colombo to the "classis" [1] at Amsterdam of 1669 September 16.
Requests and letters relating to the case of the "predikant" A. Scherius.
Damaged by damp.
"Interrogatoria" compiled at the request of the "predikant" A. Scherius for the examination by the commissioners of the court of justice of the deacons Aart Mols, François Hauw, Paulus Jansen and Abram Clos and the elder Claes Blom, with the replies thereto.
1670 January 4.
5 documents.
The commissioners were R. de Heyde and Pieter Montenack.
Letters from the Colombo dessave Claas Schodt to the chief of Kalutara Gerrit van der Scheur, and a letter from van der Scheur to the Governor.
1698 July 21 - 1701 June 16.
The letter to the Governor is not the one which accompanied this file, which, according to the old index list, was found among the documents of governor de Heere after his death. These letters have some relation to the complaints in Kalutara against the dessave and the chief there, regarding which we have some information in that list [2]. As the council minutes of this period are missing, there is no further information regarding this matter.
Extracts from various letters from dessave Claas Schodt to the chief of Kalutara Gerrit van der Scheur.
1698 - 1701.
Badly bound.
The originals are in no. 2849.
Defence of the late Colombo dessave Gerrit van Toll in regard to the charges brought against him by the chief of Negombo Esaias Flournoy. With annexes.
1703 December 14.
Documents produced in his defence by the "commandeur" of Galle Gerrit van Toll before the Governor in Council. With annexes and a register.
1705 July 9.
The charge framed against him by governor Mr. Simons was dated 1705 March 19, but it is no longer found among the records .
Report by governor Simons to the Council on the answer filed by the "commandeur" of Galle Gerrit van Toll in his defence in regard to the charges framed against him in no. 2852. With a register and annexes.
1705 July 21.
Badly bound.
Report by the "independent fiscaal" Pieter Macaré to the governor of Ceylon, about the conduct of the "commandeur" of Jaffna, Adam van der Duyn. With annexes.
1706 March 13.
Defence of the "commandeur" of Jaffna A. van der Duyn on the report by the "independent fiscaal", P. Macaré in no. 2854. With annexes and an index.
1706 May 4.
Defence of the "commandeur" of Jaffna A. van der Duyn in regard to certain charges made against him by the "independent fiscaal" Pieter Macaré. With annexes.
1706 July 22.
Reply by the "independent fiscaal" P. Macaré to the defence of "commandeur" van der Duyn, in no. 2856, submitted to the Governor in Council. 1706 August 20.
Damaged by corrosion.
Letter or report by the "commandeur" of Jaffna A. van der Duyn to the Governor in connection with his difficulties with the "independent fiscaal", P. Macaré. 3 pages only.
1706 October 23.
Papers missing.
Documents used in the case against the Colombo dessave, J. C. Toorzee. With a register.
1708 July 11.
Report of an investigation held by a special commission into the administration of the Colombo dessave Jan Christiaansz Toorzee.
1708 July 16.
Damaged by corrosion.
The members of the commission are: Pieter Macaré, P. Biermans, Gregorius da Costa, Gerrard Bessels and Isaac Augustin Rumpf.
Report by the commissioners Jacob de Jong, Joan Beeckman and Isaac Augustin Rumpf, on their investigation into the misconduct of the Company's officers at Madura.
1712 March 21.
Damaged by corrosion.
Documents in the case of dismissal of the "commandeur" of Galle, Philip David van Uchelen, compiled on the orders of governor Becker by Isaac Augustin Rumpf and Willem Hendrik de Bevere.
1712 October 10.
Damaged by corrosion.
Letters and documents from the "fiscaal" at Tuticorin to the Governor, regarding the cases of some Company's officials in that place.
1713 September 6 - 1715 April 12.
Damaged by corrosion.
As the council minutes of this period are in just as bad a condition as this file, no real information on this subject can be obtained.
Report by the special commissioners Anthony Snaats and Jeremias van Vliet, to governor Becker and the Council on their inquiry into the administration of the Matara dessave Cornelis Taay van Wezel. With annexes.
1714 May 15.
Damaged by corrosion.
Letters and documents regarding the commission of inquiry by Matthijs Zega and Sextus Bartholomeus Ravens into the charges against, and the dismissal of, the "opperhoofd" of Mannar Joannes Hackaart. With a register.
1719 - 1720.
Damaged by corrosion.
These papers were kept together on the orders of governor Rumpf.
Report by the commissioners Jodocus Wilhelmi Hiltebrand, Dirk ten Pezel and Daniël van den Henghel, who were appointed to inquire into the misconduct of the dismissed chief of Tuticorin, Jan Driemondt, the "administrateur" Jacobus van Meeuwen and the "pakhuis-meester" Barent van Medeler, on the Madura coast.
1727 July 1.
Report by the "fiscaal" of Colombo Joan de Mauregnault to governor Versluys regarding the administration of the late governor Vuyst, particularly relating to the conspiracy which the late Governor pretended to have discovered.
[1729 December 10.]
Papers missing.
The date is taken from the copy which is in no. 2868.
Miscellaneous documents relating to the case of governor Vuyst in Colombo and Batavia. Late copies.
18th century.
Papers missing. Badly bound.
Secret letters and annexes sent by the commissioner Jodocus Wilhelmi Hiltebrand to the Central Government during his stay at the Madura coast.
1731 August 15 - September 25.
2 files.
Damaged by corrosion.
On 1731 January 31, the Governor announced in Council that he was about to leave for Tuticorin to see how the conditions there could be improved. His instructions to the Council are found in no. 2471. At the next Council meeting on March 1, the Governor was present but J.W. Hilterbrand had left on a commission for Tuticorin to see to the transfer of the office of chief of Tuticorin to Mr. Daniel Overbeek, late chief of Kilkare. During the execution of this commission, a fraud by the Helmondt [3] family was discovered.
Table of contents of the documents in a case against the late "fiscaal" Joan de Mauregnault.
Papers missing.
Cf. no. 2495.
Correspondence of the chief at Tuticorin, Noël Anthony Lebeck, during his absence from Tuticorin. Copies.
1743 April 7 - May 11.
Damaged by damp.
Some originals too are bound up at the end. There is no indication as to the purpose of this collection, but it seems reasonable to include it here in view of its relation to the following numbers.
Secret minutes of the council at Tuticorin, in session with the special commissioners Ferdinand Anthon Scholts and Jacob van der Sleyden, who were sent from Colombo to inquire into the difficulties which had arisen in Madura.
1744 May 8 - August 2.
Badly bound.
At the very first session Gerrit Engel Holst, who had come with the commissioners as their secretary, assumed duties and attended the meetings. The commission had been appointed to inquire into the riots of the Paravar [4], the quarrel between the chief of Tuticorin N.A. Lebeck and "administrateur" J.F. Crijtsman, and the fanam [5] trade on the Madura coast. See council minutes 1744 April 29 in no. 91.
Reports by three officials on the South coast to the commissioners Scholts and van der Sleyden, regarding the introduction of the new Company's fanam in South India and the revival of the cloth trade.
1744 May.
At the meeting on 1744 May 19, the "administrateur" Johannes Ferdinandus Crijtsman, the "eerste resident" of Manapar Gerrit Warner and the "eerste resident" of Ponnecail Godfried Sweepe, were asked to report. See no. 2873.
Translations of Tamil complaint olas of the Paravars in South India addressed to the Governor and sent to the special commissioners Scholts and van der Sleyden, against the chief of Madura Noël Anthony Lebeck.
The translations are recorded by G.E. Holst.
Documents received in Colombo from the commissioners Scholts and van der Sleyden. See no. 2873.
Documents submitted to the Governor by the "hoofd" of Madura N.A. Lebeck, in support of his defence. With annexes.
This resulted from the visit of the special commissioners Scholts and van der Sleyden.
Deductions by governor Loten against the "hoofd- administrateur" Noël Anthony Lebeck, read before the Council. With annexes. Copies.
1756 April 26.
The "hoofd-administrateur" was dismissed as a result of his misconduct and the charges framed against him. The Council, on the same date, appointed Abraham Samlant in his place, pending the approval of the government at Batavia [6].
Report by the "fiscaal" Albert Burgart de Joncheere on the complaints against the captain of the eastern militia Bangier. With annexes.
1757 July 21.
Documents in the case of the "predikant" Philippus de Melho in the "raad van justitie", first at Jaffna and then in Colombo.
1775 - 1777.
Many of these documents also appear in no. 2882 [7]See council minutes no. 95, 1745 July 19.
Same as no. 2880
Damaged by damp.
"Deductie" and all relevant documents produced by the "predikant" de Melho in his case before the "raden van justitie" at Jaffna, Colombo and Batavia. With an index. Original.
1778 February 10.
Copy of the "deductie" in no. 2882.
Documents relating to the case of the "predikant" de Melho.
Papers missing. Badly bound.
Reply by the "opperhoofd" of Trincomalee Johan Willem Schorer, addressed to governor Falck in connection with the complaints against him by the captain and the owner of the French sailing vessel "Espérance" received through the governor of the French colony at Karaikal. With relevant documents.
1777 June 28.
Badly bound.
Documents relating to the conduct of the engineer Willem Lowe during the defence of Trincomalee against the English.
At a request from Batavia, a special commission was appointed to inquire into this matter. On 1784 March 5 [8], the Council, after having circulated the relevant documents, decided that Lowe was not to blame.
Defence of the late "commandeur" of Jaffna, Bartholomeus Jacobus Raket, addressed to governor van Angelbeek, in regard to the charges framed against him. With connected documents. 1794 December 26.
Letter from the chief at Mannar, Nikolaas Rijnders to the Governor, regarding his inquiry into the complaints against the late chief Carl Fredrik Ebell and the Mudaliyar Don Joan Sandrasegra. With relevant documents.
1795 May 22.
The commission was issued by the Jaffna council to N. Rijnders and lieutenant C. Bruger on 1794 August 12. The Council dealt with the matter on 1794 September 9 [9].