Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.

Documents dealing with questions of trade. 1696 - 1794.
Extracts of letters from the "commandeur" and council in Jaffna to governor van Rhee and the council in Colombo regarding difficulties with the Brahman Timmersa in connection with the elephant trade.
1696 May - October.
Extracts of letters from governor van Rhee to the commissioners Joan van Keulen and Pieter Petitfils, who were sent to Jaffna to investigate into the difficulties with the Brahman Timmersa in connection with the elephant trade.
1696 June 7 - November 16.
Documents regarding the Company's trade in relation to the mint on the Madura coast.
1737 - 1738.
See no. 3017. The question of the relation between the Company's trade in cloth in South India and the mint there is also dealt with in no. 2874.
Damaged by corrosion.
Reflections [of governor van Imhoff] on the Company's trade on the Madura coast in relation to the mint there. With an index. Copy.
1738 November 22.
See also no. 3016.
Comments by the governor and " directeur" of the Coromandel coast, Jacob Mossel at Negapatam on the reflections of governor van Imhoff. With annexes. Copies.
1739 September 12.
See also no. 3016.
Comments by the "directeur" of Bengal, Joan Albert Sichterman, on the reflections of governor van Imhoff made up at Hoogly on the orders of the government of Batavia.
1739 November 9.
See also no. 3016.
Badly bound. Papers missing.
The order from Batavia was contained in the letter from Batavia to Bengal of 1739 July 25.
Draft considerations by governor Stein van Gollenesse on special subjects, compiled at a request from Batavia. .
1744 June 10 and 12
Badly bound. Damaged. Papers missing.
The subjects are the pearl fishery at Arippu and trade. The letter from Batavia requesting these reports is of 1743 November 5, no. 991.
Questionnaire with remarks on the trade in cloth on the Madura coast submitted to governor Stein van Gollenesse by the "commandeur" of Madura, Albertus Domburg of and the replies thereto of
1746 January 31
1746 February 6.
Papers missing.
These considerations and decisions were confirmed in the council minutes of 1746 February 8 , no. 98.
Correspondence relating to the commissions issued to Cornelis de Kretser and Johannes Barbertus Holst to act as agents in Colombo for Messrs. David Valentijn en Zoon and Warnar Wreesman Borchhartszoon of Amsterdam.
Badly bound. Damaged by damp.
This volume was found in the record office of the supreme court, Colombo.
Extracted and copied documents regarding the trade with the English on the Madura coast.
1794 March 31 - 1795 March 26.
The documents are all certified by the first sworn clerk Fybrands, and unnumbered.