Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.

   Documents dealing with defence and the military in general.

Draft of a letter addressed to the dessave Silvestre at Arandore by the secretary Cornelis Strick on the orders of the superintendent Rijckloff van Goens. 1 document.
1669 March 30.
Cf. council minutes of 1669 August 20 in no. 15.
List of names of Company's servants entered in the "guarnisoen boecken" of the "kasteel" Colombo.
1680- 1681.
Damaged. Papers missing.
The original seems to have run into more than 500 pages, of which only the last 50 pages are now left over. At the end, there is a summary of the entire cadre of Company's officers in the "kasteel" Colombo, which is signed in original by V. van der Beecq and A. Schepmoes.
Secret plan for the defence of Colombo in case of need, drawn up by the "hoofdadministrateur" Daniel Overbeek and handed over to the Council. With a duplicate and annexes.
1742 July 1.
3 documents.
Secret correspondence between the Governor in Council and the officers in charge of the Outstations and establishments regarding matters of defence in view of the war between England and France.
1756 June 12 - 1757 April 30.
Cf. no. 3201.
Papers missing.
Secret letter from the "commandeur" of Galle, Casparus de Jong, to governor Loten, regarding the fortifications of Galle. With annexes. Copy.
1756 September 26.
Damaged by corrosion.
The original is in no. 3147.
Report on the fortress of Kalutara by the special commissioners J.G. Wetzel and G.L. de Coste. Original.
1758 June 25.
Referred to in the council minutes of 1759 April 25 and May 28 in no. 129.
Copy of no. 3149.
Report by the special commissioners Wetzel and de Coste, to the Governor, regarding the fortress of Hanwella. Copy.
1758 July 4.
Referred to in the council minutes of 1759 April 25, no. 129.
Report by the special commissioners Wetzel and de Coste to the Governor, regarding the fortress of Negombo. Original.
1758 July 24.
Referred to in the council minutes of 1759 April 25, in no. 129.
Certified copy of no. 3152.
Copy of no. 3152.
Certified extracts of the correspondence between Colombo and Trincomalee regarding the fortifications of 1756 - 1757.
Circa 1760.
Reports by various commissioners to governor Schreuder regarding the repairs to the fortifications at Trincomalee. With plans.
1759 - 1760.
Reports from various outstations to the Governor on the repairs to fortifications since the assumption of duties by governor Schreuder in
1760 - 1761.
Badly bound.
These reports were apparently drawn up in compliance with a circular of 1760 June 3.
Statement of monthly expenses on account of free board for military personnel at Puttalam, with relevant cash accounts.
1765 September 1 - 1766 August 31.
All signed by J.B. Aubert.
Reports by the commissioners Paravicini de Capelli and J. Ridder about the equipment of the fortresses in Galle and Matara.
1768 November 6.
2 documents.
The document on Matara is a copy. The Governor's order was issued on 1768 October 4.
Documents regarding the mutiny of the European soldiers at Trincomalee against the chief Jan Willem Schorer.
The inquiry into this matter was conducted by the chief of Puttalam, the captain commander Hendrik Daniel Bodenschatz.
Documents relating to the possibilities of the defence of the various Western comptoirs of the V.O.C. resulting from the secret resolution at Batavia of 1777 September 9.
1778 - 1779.
Some correspondence between Batavia and Colombo has been entered in the file.
Copies of the council minutes at Jaffna and Tuticorin, and other documents relating to defence, forwarded to Colombo.
1781 June 14 - 1782 April 18.
It is clear from the holes punched on these documents for filing that all of them did not originally belong to one and the same file. Cf. no. 1297.
Impressions of J. Chevret on the defences of Galle. Copy.
1788 January 7.
Papers missing. Damaged.
Engineers' reports to the Governor regarding the progress of work on the fortifications at Trincomalee.
1788 - 1791.
A report on the state of the Galle fort is also included.
Engineers' reports to the Governor on the various forts in the Island.
1791 - 1794.
Report by Johan George Fornbauer to the Governor on the improvements to the fort Oostenburg at Trincomalee. With annexes including plans.
1794 May 3.
Damaged by damp.
Scheme for the defence of Colombo. Draft.
1796 February 3.