Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.

Indiscriminately bound papers.
1736 - 1762.
Damaged. Badly bound.
This file has apparently been accidentally brought together. Bound up with documents of the British period relating to land. See also nos. 1996 and 2053.
1740 -1762.
Damaged by corrosion.
Most of the documents deal with the question of salaries of Company's servants. Among them, there is one with instructions for the Company's garrison of 1756.
1757 - 1760.
It would appear that some of the documents in this file belong to the case of the Mudaliyars Wijesinghe and Manamperie, mentioned in no. 3199, p. 100, no. 362. There is one letter to the "commandeur" of Galle with annexes, and also one document with instructions for the ambassador to Kandy and a copy of a letter for the Kandyan king. Another bears the note "pro fisco". It is not possible, however, to make a correct conjecture as to the origin of the file. A note on the file indicates that Mr. G. Lee has inspected it on 1838 February 23 [1]
1772 - 1773.
Partly documents sent to the "fiscaal", partly received from the Cape of Good Hope and partly papers belonging to the "civiele raad".
Papers missing.
Perhaps these papers belonged to some branch of the old Dutch administration.
The file consists of:
1. Papers belonging to the pearl fishery of 1790 (partly copies) [2].
2. Correspondence with foreign powers on the Indian coast [3]
3. Papers belonging to the court of justice at Galle (partly copies).
4. Letters to the "commandeur" and council at Galle.
A note on the file indicates that it has been inspected by Mr. G. Lee in 1838
1790 - 1795.
Partly drafts or copies of instructions; contains also a copy of P. Foenander's report on Giant's tank (see for the original no. 2813).