Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   Internal Affairs.

Miscellaneous documents.
Letter from the "commandeur" of Jaffna Jorephaas Vosch to superintendent Rijckloff van Goens; with annexe.
1668 February 2.
2 documents.
Letter from the "commandeur" of Galle, Adriaan Roothaas to the superintendent and governor Rijckloff van Goens.
1669 March 28.
1 document.
"Interrogatoria" compiled by the " fiscaal" of Colombo, Pieter Vorwer for the examination of Douwe Harckens, late skipper of the "fluytschip" Duynvliet, by the commissioners of the court of justice, with the replies thereto.
1669 July 31.
The commissioners were: François Montanier and Cornelis Strick. Attested by the secretary P. van Heden.
Page of a diary or a report on Jaffna and Mannar.
Circa 1700.
1 document.
Documents regarding the case between Louis Pieris and Bras de Andrado, handed over to the secretariat by captain Gregorius da Costa on the instructions of governor Becker.
Damaged by corrosion.
Draft instructions and sailing orders issued by the various Governors to the captains of ships bound for the Cape of Good Hope and Patria, together with the receipts for documents handed over to them.
1737 - 1743.
Damaged. Papers missing.
A collection of price-lists.
1739 - 1793.
These lists were found as loose documents among the Dutch records. Since they have been removed from the files of the annexes to letters from Patria and Batavia and could not be replaced correctly, they have been arranged in one chronological order.
Documents regarding the ship " 't Kasteel van Woerden", sent from Surat to Colombo.
Statement of accounts of captain Vroom of the ship " 't Kasteel van Woerden", addressed to governor Stein van Gollenesse.
Copies of the proceedings of the Galle and Matara 3216 "landraden" sent to Colombo.
1747 June 6 - 1748 October 22.
2 files.
1749 February 4 - 1752 December 12.
2 files.
Part of a journal kept aboard ship during a voyage round Ceylon.
Circa 1760.
5 pages.
List of registration of oaths taken by commissioners for verification, before two commissioners of the "raad van justitie" in Colombo.
1775 April 25 - 1791 January.
On the 28th September 1765 it was decided in Council that commissioners for verification should take their oath before the "Raad van Justitie".
Rolls of the clerk Guiliam Ledulx who, on the orders of the secretary of the Central Government, had to collect debts.
Cf. no. 2627.
Damaged by damp.
Nearly all the orders have been signed by the secretary Frederik Jacob Billing. One document of July 6 has been receipted by the secretary Assuerus Issendorp.
Statement by the "raad van justitie" at Galle to the Governor regarding the appeal of the late "assistent" Barent Nicolaas Degen in his case against the Moor Maminakandoe. With annexes.
1795 January 31.
See minutes of 1794 December 12 in no. 228.
Letter from the "raad van justitie " at Galle to the Governor regarding the case of the book-keeper Cornelis Arnoldus Prins against the sworn clerk, Johannes Andreas de Vos.
1795 January 31.
The case apparently came up in appeal to Colombo (no. 4541).
Reports from the captains of the two packet-boats, the "Zeemeeuw" and the "Maria Louisa", to the Governor.
1790 - 1791.
Damaged by corrosion.