Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   External affairs.

Relations with other V.O.C. comptoirs.
Report by the "opperkoopman" and provisional "opperhoofd" of Negapatam Pieter Vorwer to governor Rijckloff van Goens jnr., regarding the Company's affairs in that place.
[1675 December 20.]
Papers missing.
The date has been ascertained from the list in no. 3199.
Correspondence between governor Rijckloff van Goens jnr. and the "commandeurs" and chiefs of the V.O.C. in Ceylon and in India, regarding an attack on the French in Pondicherry. With annexes.
1678 July and August.
Among the draft letters from the Governor, there is one letter to Batavia.
Transfer of the town Negapatam and its belongings from the comptoir Ceylon under governor Pijl to the comptoir Coromandel under the "directeur" Jacob Jorisz Pit, on the orders of the governor-general Rijckloff van Goens, in the presence of W.H. Verbrugge, Matth. Eisleben, Pieter Vorwer and J. Huyghens.
1681 May 6.
Secret correspondence of the Governor with officials of the V.O.C. both in and outside Ceylon, regarding the attitude towards the French during the war of the Spanish succession.
1710 - 1712.
Damaged by corrosion.
Secret correspondence of the government of Ceylon with Patria, Batavia, the various comptoirs of the V.O.C. and the Outstations, regarding foreign shipping and trade, especially regarding the newly-formed company at Ostende.
1716 - 1732.
4 files.
The dates of the respective files are:
1716 September 25 - 1718 January 20.
1718 November 9 - 1721 December 2.
1721 December 29 - 1731 November 21.
1731 January 3 - 1732 November 14.
No. 3237 damaged.
Translations of the ola-correspondence between the native princes in South India and the "commandeur" of Cochin Joannes Hertenberg.
1720 - 1722.
2 files.
These documents were sent over as annexes, and for some reason or other seem to have been kept separately. The dates of the respective files are:
1720 September 7 - 1722 January 23.
1722 February 24 - April 17.
No. 3239 damaged by corrosion.
Secret correspondence between the government of Ceylon and Patria, Batavia and the various comptoirs of the V.O.C. regarding infringements of the treaties of Munster, Utrecht, etc., by the Spaniards.
1732 - 1733.
Damaged by corrosion.
Many of these documents were sent from Batavia to Colombo for information. Anxiety was created by new trade plans between Cadiz and the Philippines launched by the Spaniards after the failure of the Ostende Company.
Correspondence of the government of Ceylon, relating to the war between France and England, especially in the colonies.
1748 June 22 - 1749 June.
Secret correspondence between governor Stein van Gollenesse and the "commandeur" of the Malabar coast, Corijn Stevens.
1748 - 1760.
5 files.
By a letter from Batavia the governor of Ceylon and the "commandeur" of the Malabar coast were asked to communicate with each other regarding the difficulties arising from the war between England and France in India.
The dates of the respective files are:
1748 May 25 - August 1.
1748 August 17 - November 16.
1749 January 14 - September 30.
1749 October 24 - 1750 February 25.
Circa 1750.2 pages only.
Secret correspondence between governor Falck, the governor of Coromandel, Pieter Haksteen, and the "commandeur" of Malabar, Cornelis Breekpot, regarding the Company's relations with the native princes in India.
1766 November 27 - 1768 July 2.
Secret and separate letters sent from Cochin to Batavia from . With annexes. Copies.
1771 March - 1773 April
It is not quite clear whether these documents came from Batavia or from Cochin.
Secret correspondence between the Governor-General and the Council at Batavia and the "commandeur" of Cochin from 1775 - 1784. Copies.
Although sent over from Cochin, these annexes have been kept separately, and not with the ordinary series of annexes from that place.
Correspondence between the government of Ceylon and the Dutch officials of the Coromandel coast, relating to defence measures prior to, and the inquiry into the conduct of the officers after, the capitulation of Negapatam to the British on 1781 November 12. With annexes.
1781 October 15 - 1783 November.
Damaged. Badly bound.
Several of the letters are secret.
Documents relating to the defence of Negapatam and the conduct of governor Reinier van Vlissingen after the capitulation to the British. Mostly copies.
1781 - 1783.
Letters and documents regarding the possessions of some Dutchmen on the Coromandel coast after the capitulation of Negapatam to the British; sent by the board of "weesmeesters" there to the governor of Ceylon.
1782 November - 1783 March.
Damaged by damp.