Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   External affairs.

   Relations with Kandy.

Miscellaneous documents relating to Kandy.
Treaty between Adam Westerwolt on behalf of the V.O.C. and king Raja Sinha II at Batticaloa on 1638 May 23, and the renovations of that treaty between governor Joan Maetsuycker and the King at Galle on 1649 August 6. Copies, some certified.
1649 August 6.
4 documents.
The documents have been published: Corpus Diplomaticum I, pp. 308 and 515.
Documents relating to the negotiations between the Colombo dessave Floris Blom and the Kandyan court dignitaries.
5 documents.
Memorandum on the relationship between the V.O.C. in Ceylon and King Raja Sinha by the "directeur generaal" at Batavia Joan van Hoorn, to the governor-general at Batavia, Willem van Outshoorn. With annexes. Copies.
1700 August 23.
n.b. The first six annexes are missing.
Correspondence between the government at Colombo and the Kandyan court dignitaries.
1766 January 7 - 1771 October 21.
The Colombo dessave is the chief correspondent, and among the documents is a draft treaty with Kandy. Cf. p. 315, n. 1.
Instructions issued to Major Duflo on proceeding to the Seven Korales. One document in French. Copy.
1766 February 13.
These instructions were issued a day before the conclusion of the final peace treaty with Kandy. As early as December 1765, it was considered necessary to force the peace treaty on the Kandyans, cf. Zwiers, p. 80.
Copies of the correspondence between the Governor- General at Batavia and the King in Kandy regarding the peace of 1766.
Documents regarding the movements of the Kandyans.
Correspondence between the Colombo dessave and the Kandyan dessaves.
1788 January 2 - 1789 December 4.
Contains also some drafts of instructions from the Governor to the Dutch ambassadors to Kandy. Cf. no. 3335.
Translations and extracts of letters and olas in the vernaculars about the movements of the Kandyans. With two tables of contents.
Correspondence between the Colombo dessave and the Kandyan court dignitaries.
1791 January 31 - 1795 October 31.
This correspondence seems to have belonged to the archives of the Colombo dessave ; but as the letters despatched were dated from Colombo, and as some of them contain a note "door de dessave", and further as it is not likely that an officer of a rank subordinate to that of Governor maintained direct correspondence with a foreign court, this file volume has been placed here.
Collection of extracts and copies of letters and reports sent to the Colombo dessave regarding movements of the Kandyans forwarded to the Central Government.