Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   External affairs.

Reports on the relations with South Indian princedoms.
Cf. pp. 109-110 and no. 3204.
Reports on the inquiries made by "koopman" Joan Fauconnier and captain Adam Slecht during their audience with the ambassador of Ariyalur.
1683 November 20 and 21.
2 documents.
Damaged. Badly bound.
Diary of the embassy of "koopman" Adam van der Duyn and "boekhouder" Barent Gast to the Katta Theuver. Unsigned.
1698 December 27 - 1699 February 5.
This volume has been sent from Tuticorin to Colombo. The report of the ambassadors to governor de Heere is in no. 3376. The instruction issued to them is in no. 2151. The treaty is publishecld: Corpus Diplomaticum IV, p. 146.
Diary by the "koopman" Cornelis Taay van Wezel and the "boekhouder" Barent Gast on their embassy to the Theuver.
1709 May 29 - July 17.
Damaged by corrosion.
The final treaty of 1709 July 12 is published: Corpus Diplomati- cum IV, p. 328.
Diary by the "hoofadministrateur" Swen Anderson, who was sent as an ambassador to Tuticorin to negotiate with the ambassador of the naik of Madura and to renew the old treaties between the V.O.C. and the princes.
1711 January 20 - June 22.
According to no. 3199, p. 58, no. 59 previously the contract was preserved in the Colombo secretariat. It is published: Corpus Diplomaticum IV, p. 377.
Report to governor Schreuder by the ambassadors Johan Richard François and Johan Hendrik Medeler, who were sent to the court of the Katta Theuver. With annexes, one of which is their diary.
1759 August 30.
Papers missing.
Annual reports to the Central Government in Colombo by the chief of Tuticorin and his council on matters affecting the principalities of the Theuver, the king of Travancore and of Madura.
1763 - 1772.
9 documents in 2 files.
Papers missing.
1763 - 1767.
1769 - 1770.
Report submitted as a diary to governor Falck by the dessave Peter Sluysken, who was sent as an ambassador to the "Soeba" Machmet Ali Khan. With annexes.
1770 December 31.
Letters to governor Falck from Willem Blaauwkamer regarding his special mission to the nabab of Carnatica Machmet Ali Khan Bahadur.
1778 April 21 - 1784 January 27.
Damaged by corrosion.