Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

   External affairs.

Documents connected with the war between the Dutch Republic and England. 1780 - 1784.
See H.W. Codrington: A short history of Ceylon, London 1939, p. 145.
Intercepted correspondence of the English in Trincomalee. With Dutch translations.
1781 - 1782.
Damaged by damp.
Published in the Ceylon Literary Register, 1st series, IV, 1889 - 1890, pp. 125 et ff. See further Ceylon Literary Register 3rd series, III, 1935- 1936, pp. 274 et ff. The miscellaneous works of Hugh Boyd, published by Lawrence Dudas Campbell, London 1800.
Letters from the commander of the British fleet off Trincomalee, Sir Edward Hughes, to governor Falck and the commander of fort Oostenburg Albertus Homoet. 1782 January 6 and 9 and February 28.
Torn out from a file.
Correspondence between governor Falck and the French commander Suffren.
1782 February .. - 1784 September .. .
Damaged by damp.
The correspondence is in French.
Correspondence between the Governor in Council in Colombo and the commanders of the French troops in Trincomalee (especially with le chevalier des Roys), and some letters to the French authorities in Pondicherry.
1782 September .. - 1785 December 22.
Damaged by damp.
The correspondence is in French.
Correspondence between the Governor of Ceylon and the English officials in India relating to the peace of Paris.
1783 - 1785.
Several letters are in English.