Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Governor in Council.

Collected documents
Diary of events kept by Jan Volkerse, commencing from the date of general Gerard Hulft's departure for Kandy.
1656 April 5 - May 8.
Damaged. Badly bound.
Partly published in "Berichten Historisch Genootschap te Utrecht," Vol. VII, 2de serie, deel 2, p. 515; translation of same published in journal of R.A.S., C.B. for 1889, Vol. XI, no. 38, p. 148.
"Recueil van het verbaal", or a short account of the negotiations, by the special commissioners of the V.O.C., ..... , de Muncq, Graaflant, ....., and van Dam, who proceeded to England to represent the interests of the V.O.C. at the conference regarding a treaty between the Netherlands and England after the second peace of Westminster in 1674. Certified copy from Batavia.
1676 September 24.
Here the writing is damaged.
Here the writing is damaged.
Certified by the first sworn clerk J. van Hoorn. The fifth volume by Pieter van Dam would have dealt with the difficulties between the V.O.C. and the English. It was never written and only its index is included in the fourth ms. volume in the Nationaal Rijksarchief 's-Gravenhage. On fol. 197, no. 12 this volume is mentioned. Cf. van Dam [2]I ,p. 221.
Instructions issued to Reinier Casembroot on proceeding to Persia as special commissioner from the Governor- General and Council in Batavia. Copy.
Damaged by damp.
Thesis by Volckert van Goens, born in Colombo; written for obtaining the degree of Doctor of Law. In Latin. Printed. Leiden.
1699 May 5.
Deposited documents, used in court cases and subsequently removed from their respective files; arranged in chronological order.
1704 - 1790.
2 files.
No. 3414 damaged.
Description of the fireworks and the various illuminations in Colombo on 1743 December 4 on the occasion of the appointment of Gustaaf Willem baron van Imhoff as Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies, by Hendrik Leembruggen. Copy.
1744 January 26.
List of medicines sent from Galle to Batavia by order of the Ceylon government; signed by Jn. Wm. Nieper.
1746 May 1.
Yearly Ceylon herbaria and medicinal plants were sent to Patria to be tried out in the laboratories and the medicinal gardens at Leiden, Delft and elsewhere in the Netherlands. Their accompanying lists with names appear regularly among the annexes of the letters sent to Patria from Colombo and Galle.
Damaged by damp.
Collection of private deeds of land in the fort of Colombo, with details of the transfer and the amounts noted thereon, probably deposited in connection with court cases.
1758 - 1793.
2 files.
This collection is very similar to that in the surveyor general's office.
Account book in respect of money due to Magdalena Jacoba Sézilles, née van Buuren.
1779 - 1797.
Memoir by the departing "directeur" of Surat, Abraham Josias Sluysken, for his successor Peter Sluysken. With annexes. Certified copy.
1792 December 31.
Papers missing.
Drafts of letters and documents of the sworn "procureur" A.H. Giesler.
There is nothing to indicate how this file came to be among the records. His later connection with the archives [3], however, may explain the existence of this file.
Semi-official letters addressed to governor van Angelbeek from the Malabar coast.
1794 January 7 - April 5.
This file was found among the early records of the supreme court, Colombo.
Most of the letters are addressed to van Angelbeek while he was governor of Ceylon by the V.O.C. official who was in charge of the remainder of the Dutch possessions on the Malabar coast J.L. van Spall, his relations and friends. Although it goes beyond the Dutch period, this file was placed with the Dutch records, because the Governor who attained the status of a private individual after 1796 February 16, seems to have taken this file with him. In the terms of the capitulation it is stipulated that the Governor was allowed to take away his secret correspondence in order to defend his action.
Correspondence of the Governor relating to the defence and the transfer of the territories of the Dutch East India Company in Ceylon to the British.
1795 July 7 - November 12.
It is true that the documents, numbered 1 - 38½, are partly mentioned in the council minutes (no. 760). In connection with the last sentence in the n.b. of no. 3422, this file too has been placed here.
The preliminary articles of capitulation of the Dutch fortress Colombo under the command of governor van Angelbeek to the English adjutant-general P.A. Agnew.
1796 February 15.
Although the point is debatable, this document has been taken in with the Dutch records. Published: G. Nypels, Hoe Nederland Ceylon verloor, 's-Gravenhage 1908, pp. 79 et ff.
Collection of documents connected with Ceylon bearing on the front page a stamp of A.E. Buultjens, who had probably collected them.
18th century.
Among them is a report describing the country or river depths and shallows of the coasts of Ceylon, Coromandel and Bengal and an "accurate description" of the rivers of Bengal or Hoogly for purposes of navigation.
Collection of seals which have been removed or cut out of documents in the Dutch records, and which cannot be replaced.