Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Officers of the Central Government.

   The dessave.

   The Tombos.

   The tombo-series of 1760.

   Land Tombos.

Pasdun Korale.
Maha pattuwa.
Damaged by corrosion.
No. 3720 Damaged. Papers missing.
Chalias in Maha pattuwa.
Papers missing. Damaged by corrosion.
Iddagoda pattuwa.
Damaged by corrosion.
Chalias in the Demelegattere of the Iddagoda pattuwa.
Demelegattere is a corruption of Demala Gattaru i.e. a Sinhalese caste. See H.W. Codrington's Glossary.
Papers missing. Damaged by corrosion.