Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   The Secret Committee.

Miscellaneous documents. 1761 - 1765.
Separate letters to Lubbert Jan, baron van Eck, governor of Cormandel and governor-elect of Ceylon.
1761 January 16 - October 2.
All these letters, being on the subject of the Kandyan war, were probably brought over by governor van Eck to his new destination.
Letters from the Governor-General and Council at Batavia to Lubbert Jan, baron van Eck, relating to his appointment as governor of Ceylon, in connection with the difficulties with Kandy. With annexes. Copies.
1761 April 4 - June 9.
Badly bound.
Miscellaneous reports by commissioners appointed to take stock of the goods available in the various establishments at Matara to A. de Ly and A.F. Bischoff. Partly copies.
The documents addressed to A.F. Bischoff are all copies. This file has very much the appearance of one belonging to the Secret Committee, and although there is no definite proof for this, it has been placed under this section.
Register of correspondence of the Matara dessave Arnoldus de Ly.
1763 April .. - 1764 July 18.
Papers missing.
It is not possible to say for what reason this volume has been compiled, but as all the letters deal with war measures in the Southern Province it seemed reasonable to surmise that this was a file which belonged to the Secret Committee.
Diary of a visit to Kilkare by the chief of the Madura coast, Godfried Sweepe.
1763 November 25 - December 22.
This file probably belongs to the documents of the Secret Committee, which dealt extensively with the Madura matters in connection with the Kandyan war. See no. 4864.
Secret reports on the occurrences and revolts in the Eastern Province during the war with Kandy.
1763 - 1765.
7 documents in 2 files.
Papers belonging to the secret mission of the "onderkoopman" Willem van Damast Limberger to the king of Siam. Copies.
See W. Zwier, pages 54 - 55.
Letters from governor Lubbert Jan, baron van Eck to the other members of the Secret Committee at Colombo during his expedition to Kandy.
1764 February 6 - March 3.
Secret and separate letters sent as replies from various Outstations and Colombo outposts on the subject of the "jagercorps", a separate company of sharpshooters.
1764 July 7 - August 1.
Report in the form of a diary of events which occurred in the Matara dessavony from the arrival of major A.F. Bischoff 1762 February 7 till the departure of major J.H. Medeler 1764 September 28 with some annexes, handed over by A. de Ly. Copy.
1765 January 7.
Damaged by damp.
Letters from the officers in charge of the various military detachments to governor Lubbert Jan, baron van Eck during the expedition to Kandy. 1765 January 13 - 22.
A page from a letter from Jaffna dated 1760 November 3 is bound up with this file.
Letters from the governor Lubbert Jan, baron van Eck to the officers in charge of the various military detachments during the expedition to Kandy. Copies.
1765 January 13 - March 9.
Letters received by the commanders of the garrison at Kandy.
1765 March 9 - August 24.
These letters were evidently handed over to the Secret Committee on the return of the garrison to Colombo.
Diary of major Frankema's expedition to Kandy, kept by the secretary Johan Hendrik Muller. Copy.
1765 March 10 - September 20.
Damaged by damp. Papers missing.
There is a more complete copy of this diary, in no. 4940.
Same as 4939.
Marked "Gecopieert door en toebehoort aen J.H. Pegolotty". It is unlikely that this volume ever has belonged to the Ceylon Dutch Archives.
Letters sent from Madura to the Secret Committee regarding the Kandyan prince.
1765 April 6 - July 30.
Papers missing.
Cf. W. Zwier, pp. 72 and 73.
Report of major J.H. Medeler on his expedition to Kandy. With appendix showing routes taken.
1765 August 1 - December 31.