Catalogue of the Archives of the Dutch Central Government of Coastal Ceylon, 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

   Special Missions from Patria.

The "Militaire Commissie".
On the 4th December 1786, the patriot party in the Netherlands requested the "stadhouder" prince Willem V to appoint a commission to investigate into the defences in the Dutch East Indies.
The "Stadhouder" deferred the appointment of this commission until 1789, in which year J.O. Vaillant, C.A. Verhuell and H.L. Graevestein were appointed and travelled round till 1793, and brought home a large quantity of reports, on which however, no decisions were made before 1795.
Letters from the Commissioners to the Governor.
1789 December 21 - 1790 September 24.
Drafts of letters from the Governor to the Commissioners.
1790 April 19 - 1791 March 31.
Replies to enquiries by the Military Commission regarding naval stores, etc.
Copies of reports and statements relating to the various magazines forwarded to the Military Commission.
Reports and statements sent from Galle for the Military Commission.
Papers missing.
Report on the fortifications of Ceylon by E. Paravicini de Capelli and J.G. Fornbauer for the "Militaire Commissie". With annexes.
1790 February 15.
Bound up with some pages of a copy of the same report.