Inventory of the archives of the Dutch government in the divisions of Galle (Matara) and Jaffnapatnam 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

Part I    The Commandement of Galle.

A    The Commandeur in Council.

3   Internal affairs

f   "lnstructie en reglement-boeken". (1669-1790).
Being registers containing miscellaneous instructions and regulations.
Sailing orders issued at Galle and other places.
1669 - 1683.
Pages missing. Damaged by damp.
Extracts of orders from Colombo regarding foreign vessels. Compiled about 1758 by the 1st sworn clerk Marthese.
1679 - 1758.
Extracts of general orders and instructions etc. for various Company's servants contained in the letters etc. issued from Colombo and Galle.
1705 - 1770.
Pages missing.
Alphabetical index to the permanent orders regarding the "Soldy-Kantoor" and the "Kurator ad lites". Compiled about 1770.
1737 - 1770.
Damaged by damp. Script fading.
Contains some documents which do not belong to this file.
Extracts of resolutions, orders, etc. regarding the "Landraad" and the tombo compilation.
9 files
Copy, certified by N. Martheze. With an index.
1740 - 1745.
Copy, certified by N. Martheze. With an index. Compiled in Colombo on 1745 March 30.
1743 - 1744.
Damaged by damp, insects and vermin.
1740 - 1770.
Pages missing.
Instructions from Batavia for the Company's naval officers. Copy, certified by J. Blok at Colombo on 1743 December 9.
1743 July 3.
Bound up with amendments of 1748.
Summary of resolutions over various matters-contained in the so- called "Blaffert", extracted from orders received from the Lords Seventeen in Amsterdam and from Batavia and the several Governors of Ceylon from 21 January 1668 to 8 February 1709: compiled on the orders of Governor C.J. Simons. Copy.
1747 February 1.
Several pages missing.
This copy was sent to the "Hoofd Administrateur" at Galle on the orders of the Galle Commandeur on 1 February 1747. It apparently belonged to the archives of the Galle. "Hoofd Administrateur", but is not included in the old inventory of that office. It is placed here for facility of reverence.
Extracts of orders etc. received from Colombo on the maintenance and examination etc. of the "negotie - boeken". With an alphabetical index.
1753- 1778.
This file probably belonged to the archives of the "negotie- boekhouder", but it is not entered as such in the old Dutch inventories.
Extracts of orders relating to the pay and emoluments of Company's servants sent from Colombo to Galle.
1753 - 1795.
Instructions issued to the chief and minor headmen in Galle and the Walallawitti Korale and in the Matara dissavony. 2 Documents. Copies.
1759 June 2.
Instructions issued by Governor Van de Graaff for the "Landraad": with the marginal orders of the Galle Commandeur. Copy, certified by Gratiaen.
1789 June 25.
Pages missing.