Inventory of the archives of the Dutch government in the divisions of Galle (Matara) and Jaffnapatnam 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

Part I    The Commandement of Galle.

A    The Commandeur in Council.

3   Internal affairs

r   Circuit diaries and special reports. (1691 - 1795).
Diary of the Galle Commandeur Rutgeart de Heyde on his visit through the Matara Dissavany.
1691 April 3 - 24.
Pages missing.
According to the entry in the old Dutch inventories, the diary continues till April 27th.
Report by the Dissava of Matara Cornelis Taay van Wezel to the Galle Commandeur Philip David van Uchelen. Copy of a certified copy by A. Kluyt dated 1713 January 4.
1712 September 15.
Damaged by insects and vermin.
Report by J.C. Voogt and M. Calkberner to Governor I.A. Rumpf on the state of the Matara Secretariat and "Weeskamer". With annexes. Copy, certified by the Secretary J.B. Vernatti on 1718 February 23.
1718 January 31.
Damaged by corrosion.
Extract from a diary - report submitted to Governor Petrus Vuyst by the Superintendant of the coffee plantation Magnus Schot on the coffee plantations in the dissavanies of Colombo, Matara and Galle, during his visit from 1727 December 11 to 1728 March 29. Copy, certified by the first clerk Schreuder.
1728 May 19.
Damaged by corrosion.
Diary of the journey of the Governor-elect Van Domburg from Galle to Colombo and back. With annexes.
1732 July 20.
Maintained and signed by the Secretary W.A. Lulsz.
Report by the Special Commissioners R.C. von Glan and Cornelis Schage to the Governor-elect Diederik van Domburg on their inquiries into the complaints of the inhabitants of Matara against him as Dissava of Matara.
1733 January 8.
Diary of the tour of the Commandeur of Galle Daniel Overbeek to Matara, recorded and signed by the first sworn clerk Johannes de Leeuw.
1740 July 14-23.
Irregular binding or badly bound. Damaged by insects and vermin.
For the letters received and sent by Commandeur Overbeek during this tour,- see no. 5616.
Circuit diary of the Dissava of Matara Gerrardus Kersse from 5th to 30th July 1744 submitted on the orders of Governor J.V.S. van Gollonnesse. With marginal notes by the Commandeur of Galle.
1744 October 6.
Damaged by damp, insects and vermin.
Diary of Governor J.V.S. van Gollonnesse during his visit to the Galle and Matara districts; certified copy, certified by Samlana, clerk, Colombo on 17 May 1745.
1745 February 12 - March 9.
Damaged by damp, insects and vermin.
Resolutions passed at a special Council meeting held at Galle during the circuit through Galle and Matara of the Governor J.V.S. van Gollonnesse from 25th February to 5th March 1745, on the subject of the damming of the Baygams. Copy, certified by J. van Sleyden, Secretary at Colombo. .
1745 April 14
This is a copy of the original minutes in no. 87, probably sent to the Galle Commandeur, or perhaps to the Matara Dissava, for information. For facility of reference it is placed with the Galle series of circuit diaries, as an annexe to the circuit diary of Governor Van Gollonnesse (no. 5862 above).
Reports on the pepper plantations in the Matara dissavany,
1754 - 1755.
3 documents.
Pages missing.
n.b. The contents are as follows:
Report of the Captain - Lieutenant S. Baade to Governor Jan Schreuder on the directions of the wind and the state of the tides and currents along the Galle sea-coast, prepared on the orders of the Government of Batavia dated 1756 September 17. 2 documents; ooth copies.
1758 February 22.
This report is in the form of a log based on readings and observations made from 1746 September 25 to 1758 March 22. One copy is certified by the first sworn clerk Martheze; the other is uncertified, and the report is dated 1758 March 22, apparently in error.
Report made to the Matara Dissava Jan Bauert by the special commissioners appointed to report on the chena cutting in the Matara dissavany during the past 5 years. With annexe. Certified copy.
1758 May 13.
Damaged by insects and vermin.
No. 5867 is a copy of the certified copy in no. 5866.
Report of the Commission appointed to investigate into the complaints etc. of the inhabitants of the Galle Korale againts the recent arecanut garden registration of 1768; with lists of gardens. Certified copy.
1773 July 6.
This file is entered in the old Dutch inventories under the series "Papers dealing with the registration of gardens and lands".
Report made to the Commandeur of Galle by the special commissioners appointed to investigate into the complaints against the "dispencier" of Galle, C.F.W. de Ranitz.
1795 February 28.
Damaged by damp.