Inventory of the archives of the Dutch government in the divisions of Galle (Matara) and Jaffnapatnam 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

Part I    The Commandement of Galle.

A    The Commandeur in Council.

3   Internal affairs

ff   "Maan-rollen" or "Quitantie-rollen". (1778 - 1795).
Being summaries of receipts or proceeds of auction sales held at Galle.
These files do not seem to be entered in the old Dutch inventories. They apparently belonged to the archives of the "Vendu - meester" at Galle, but it is more convenient to place them under thisseries and they have been classified accordingly.
They are described as "Maan-rollen" or "Quitantie-rollen" on the original covers.
1778 February 22 - 1780 March 31.
Damaged by damp.
1780 April 20 - 1782 February 6.
Damaged by damp.
1793 June 27 - 1795 January 17.
Damaged by damp, insects and vermin.