Inventory of the archives of the Dutch government in the divisions of Galle (Matara) and Jaffnapatnam 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

Part I    The Commandement of Galle.

B   Departmental officers of the Galle Commandement

1   "Negotie-boekhouder" or Trade accountant, Galle.

c   Miscellaneous files and registers etc. belonging to the Galle "Negotie-kantoor" or Trade office (1754 - 1795).
Register of extracts from letters sent from Galle to Colombo and other stations, forwarded the "Negotie - kantoor",
1754 November 23 - 1791 June 21.
Register of miscellaneous extracts regarding the administration of the "Negotie - kantoor",
1763 - 1767.
Pages missing.
Contains extracts of Council resolutions of Batavia and Ceylon and correspondence between Batavia and Ceylon and Colombo and Galle.
1770 - 1771.
Damaged by damp, insects and vermin.
1775 - 1776.
Drafts of annual reports to the Commandeur of Galle on the Galle "negotie-boeken" or account books,
1775 - 1782.
Damaged by damp. Script fading.
Vouchers for payments made by the cashier at Galle for goods supplied to the Company,
1779 May - August.
The vouchers are chiefly for supplies of pepper to the Company's storehouse.
Annual reports sent by the "Negotie - boekhouder" of Galle to the Galle Commandeur for the compilation of the annual compendium of Galle. Entry copies.
1781/82 - 1784/85.
Damaged by damp, insects and vermin.
Invoices of private cotton goods to be forwarded by ship to Holland, Batavia and other places. Copies.
1785 March - 1791 December.
Entered in the old Dutch inventories as "afgaande partikuliere faktuuren".
Certificates given by the commissioners appointed by the "Hoofd-administrateur"for the receipt of ships, cargoes at Galle,
1787 September - 1788 July.
Damaged by insects and vermin.
Drafts of returns etc. furnished by the "Negotie-boekhouder" at Galle,
1792 October 25 - 1795 June.
Irregular binding or badly bound. Damaged by damp.