Inventory of the archives of the Dutch government in the divisions of Galle (Matara) and Jaffnapatnam 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

Part I    The Commandement of Galle.

C   Boards and Committees

2   The Tombo commisioners, Galle.

a   Miscellaneous documents belonging to the tombo commisioners, 1744 - 1795.
Extracts of Landraad decisions, Galle, issued for the guidance of the tombo commisioners of the new tombo registraton of Galle, certified by the Scriba of the Galle Landraad.
1744 December - 1746 September.
Damaged by damp.
Digest of orders, extracts from Council minutes etc. received by the Galle Landraad.
1745 - 1779.
Monthly reports of the tombo commisioners to the Govrnor of Ceylon J.V.S. van Gollonnesse. Copies,
1745 - 1775.
3 files
1745 October - 1746 December.
Damaged by damp.
1747 October - 1755 Augustus.
Irregular binding or badly bound. Damaged by damp, damaged by insects and vermin. Script fading.
1750 November 30 - 1775 April.
Several pages missing.
Drafts of monthly reports submitted to the Governor of Ceylon J.V.S. van Gollonnesse by the special commissioners for the new tombo compilation of Galle.
1746 October - 1747 September.
Damaged by insects and vermin.
Extracts from letters and resolutions of the Dutsh Political Council relating tot land grants and the tombo compilation in Galle and Matara, 1746 - 1795. Copies. Compiled circa
This file consists of copies made round about 1840 and therefore really belong to the Archives of the British administration. It is already enterd under that series; see Lot 7/ 2356. It is included in this series for facility of reference.
Lists of newly-cultivated ratmahera fields in the Galle district, compiled from the new tombo by Johannes de Haan, sworn Scriba.
1755 - 1756.
Pages missing.
Certified extracts of letters and permanent orders sent from Colombo to Galle on matters affecting land.
1769 - 1784.
Damaged by damp.
According to the evidance on some documents in this file, these extracts were sent to the tombo commissioners at Galle for their information.
Reports of the tombo commissioners at Galle. Entry copies.
1778 March 2 - 1785 March 31.
Several pages missing.