Inventory of the archives of the Dutch government in the divisions of Galle (Matara) and Jaffnapatnam 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

Part I    The Commandement of Galle.

C   Boards and Committees

5   Commissioners of the Needy Widows' Fund.
This is quite distinct from the other Boards such as the "Weesmeesteren" (Board of Commissioners for Orphans and the Poor House at Galle), the "Diaconie" (Board of Deacons), etc. The "Hoofd - administrateur" was the chairman of this Board.
Minutes of sessions.
1787 October - 1792 September.
Pages missing. Irregular binding or badly bound. Damaged by damp, insects and vermin.
Annexes to the minutes of sessions.
1787 - 1795.
Statement of monthly payments to widows; with receipts.
1787 December - 1794 December.
Damaged by damp, insects and vermin.