Inventory of the archives of the Dutch government in the divisions of Galle (Matara) and Jaffnapatnam 1640-1796

Description of the Subordinate Components

Part I    The Commandement of Galle.

D   Judicial Departments

1   Court of Justice (Raad van Justitie), Galle

p   Miscellaneous files belonging to the Court of Justice at Galle. (1669 - 1795).
"Blafferd" or digest of orders of diverse origin on judicial procedure. onwards
1669 .
Pages missing. Damaged by insects and vermin.
This was presumably compiled either by the Court of Justice at Galle, or for their use by the Galle Secretariat. The index to this "blafferd" is in no. 6477 below, according to the contents of which this file originally had over 600 pages.
"Kort verbaal op den blaffert" or index to the "Blafferd" in no. 6476 above.
Irregular binding or badly bound.
This file was presented to the Government Archives Department by Dr. P.E. Pieris on the 12th. November 1940. Although it was not among the records in the archives for some lenght of time, it is included in this catalogue as there is no doubt that it was part of the Dutch archives previously.
Inventories of the goods of deceased persons etc. furnished by commissioners of the Court of Justice.
1733 - 1765.
Damaged by damp.
Files of the oaths administered in the Court of Justice.
1736 - 1756.
Showing the forms of the various oaths with endorsements indicating those who have been sworn in.
Miscellaneous documents regarding proceedings of civil sessions.
1744 - January 2 - December 31.
Documents regarding sequestered goods.
1744 - 1771.
Miscellaneous papers belonging to the Court of Justice at Galle, indiscriminately bound together.
1753 - 1770.
Badly damaged by damp. Script badly fading.
Bound up with no. 4776.
Miscellaneous documents regarding proceedings of criminal sessions.
1757 October 10 - 1759 January 9.
Miscellaneous collection of proceedings of the Courts of Justice at Galle and Colombo.
1784 - 1785.
Bills of costs in judicial proceedings.
1784 - 1794.
Drafts of documents belonging to a case relating to the riot of the fishers and chandos.
Register of auction sales of confiscated goods.
1792 December 1 - 1795 December 28.
Damaged by damp.
Miscellaneous complaints submitted to, and disposed of by the Court of Justice at Galle.
1793 July - 1794 June.
All complaints and petitions are addressed to the Commandeur of Galle, and contain the Commandeur's orders noted in the margin.